Will a natural birth affect my future sex life?

Pregnancy should be a pleasant journey, but many women often worry about their sex life after giving birth naturally.


Can having too many ultrasounds harm baby?

Can having too many ultrasounds during pregnancy actually harm my baby? I had an ultrasound done at 10 weeks and then one at 17 weeks- these were done with my usual doctor. I've made an appointment with my gynaecologist at 18 weeks pregnant. It's my first gynae appointment since being pregnant. I'm sure that he will do an ultrasound.


Bleeding after sex during pregnancy

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. When I had sex with my boyfriend I started to bleed soon afterwards. I didn't feel any pain or changes in my body, but I am worried because there was a lot of blood. My doctor told me that my uterus is open and gave me antibiotics to help prevent infections. Please can you give me more information about my situation? My paranoia is running away with me.


I'm experiencing pain under my left breast

I am 29 weeks pregnant and I have been having this uncomfortable pain under my left breast just after entering the second trimester. It usually starts when I stand for a very long time or when I sleep on my side. It only goes away when I sleep on my back. Now I'm worried because I heard that pregnant women should not lie/sleep on their back from the second trimester and that's the only position I'm comfortable with. The pain is so uncomfortable and doesn't allow me to enjoy lying on the bed. Is there anything I should do or take to get rid of it?


I have pains and cramps. Is there anything I can do?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have pains and cramps. Is there anything I can do?


Q&A: When will my baby be turned to the right position?

I am 31 years old and 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. When I went for the second checkup at the clinic the nurse told me that she is not happy with how my baby is growing because instead of gaining weight I am losing weight. She advised me to go for a scan which showed my baby is breech. Should I be worried that my baby hasn't turned to a normal position? And when is the right time to expect the baby to turn?                                                  


I have blood spotting in the morning

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and last week I released discharge with blood. The doctor says I have lost my mucous plug. The baby is fine and I don't feel any pain in my back. I can still feel the movement of the baby. Now I just have some blood spotting in the morning (brown in colour)- should I be worried?


Q&A: Can I have a natural birth after having a c-section 8 years ago?

I would like to know if it's possible to have a natural birth. I have an eight year old child who I gave birth to via c-section and I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant. I asked my gynaecologist if it's possible to give birth naturally and he advised that it's a high risk. There was an article I once came across that explained that if you gave birth via c-section it takes three years for the wound to be completely healed and then you can have a natural birth- is this true? 


Q&A: I've been experiencing a numbing pain down my legs, is this normal?

I am 28 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. I am unmarried and currently living with my fiancé in his mother's house. My pregnancy has been stressful from the start but luckily I am blessed with no complications so far. A month ago I found out that my fiancé is using drugs and most probably cheating. The stress load has doubled and I have been having very bad cramps. The pain doesn't increase and comes every second day. It is a very sharp pain in my vagina and the pain runs down my legs making it almost numb. Is this normal because the baby is growing or should I be worried?


What could be the cause of blood in my urine?

"I am 32 and 20 weeks pregnant. I went to the clinic and the nurse tested my urine and said there is blood. What could be the cause?"


Q&A: Nothing has been done to put me under high risk attendance

I am 29 years old and I am currently ten weeks and two days pregnant. I have had two miscarriages previously. My first pregnancy was at eight weeks and my second was at ten weeks. I use public clinics because I don't have the money to use medical aid facilities. The clinic I go to now is the same clinic that I attended when I had the miscarriages. I went to book msyelf in now, before I was six weeks pregnant and they told me that I must come back much later on. I am very disappointed because nothing has been done to put me under high risk attendance and I am very worried because I used to have sore breasts and nausea but now I don't have any pregnancy symptoms... since I was six weeks pregnant. I am due for a private sonar soon but until then I feel like a sitting duck. What can I do?


Baby's umbilical cord only has one artery

A friend of mine is about 24 weeks pregnant and has been told that her babies umbilical cord only has 1 artery. She is under specialist care but has not been explained to fully what this could mean for her or the baby. She has been given a list of problems that her baby could have but she does not understand what a lot of them mean. please could you explain (in layman's terms) what could happen from now? Thank you.


Does my weight gain have any effect on my baby's weight?

I am 23-years-old and a first time mother. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and I have gained more than 15kg's. My father-in-law just warned me that if I continue gaining weight then my baby will also gain weight resulting in a c-section. I want a vaginal birth but I can't lose weight now while I am still pregnant. I would like to know if my weight gain has any effect on my baby's weight? 


I have a rash in my vagina. Will it affect my baby?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have a rash in my vagina with some white discharge. When I told my doctor about it he gave me supplements. I was wondering if my baby would be affected? 


FAQs about birth

Dr Martin Puzey, gynaecologist and obstetrician answers questions about birth from epidurals to false labour and more.


Q&A: Right side of my belly is really painful at night

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and recently the right side of my belly has become really painful at night. The pain lasts for about four hours and comes just above my love handles only on the right side. It feels like someone is firmly holding my belly from the inside. My blood pressure is fine. Is this pain normal? What causes it? And what can I do to stop or reduce it?


Q&A: Does protein in my urine affect the baby?

I am 26 weeks pregnant. I went for a check-up and they found out that my urine contains protein. They gave me metronidazole and eryko medication to treat this. But this medication is now making me vomit every morning. Should I continue it or stop? And does protein in my urine affect the baby?


Q&A: Tetanus injection

My 27-year-old wife took her first tetanus injection when she was three-and-a-half-moths pregnant. Is it fine if she takes the second injection after five-and-a-half-moths?


Q&A: Tense womb

I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child, and when I am in the shower or even after intimacy, my womb feeks as if it tenses up into a tight ball. Could my baby be disturbed by this?


Q&A: Diabetic and my water broke at 29 weeks

I am 32 weeks pregnant and a diabetic. I am on bedrest as my waters broke at 29 weeks. I was treated with the antibiotics, my baby was given injections to help her lungs mature but I still did not go into labour. My baby is still healthy and growing, but I am still worried, even though my gynae says that it is all okay. The water still flows out at irregular intervals.


Q&A: Baby's weight during pregnancy

I am 28 years old and 33 weeks pregnant. My previous pregnancy resulted in me giving birth at 26 weeks and my daughter weighed olnly 1.025kg. She's now 10 years old and absolutely fine. Recently, I had contractions and ended up being admitted into hospital overnight. They told me that my baby's weight is 1.600kg which ahs made me very scared. Is baby's weight fine according to how far pregnant I am, or should I be panicking? I don't want to have another preterm birth.


Q&A: HIV meds and delivery options

I am 33 years old, 13 weeks pregnant and HIV positive. I have been on ARVs for the last year. I exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make sure that I drink 8 glasses of water daily. I also take multivitamins daily. Last week I went for my first sonar and everything was fine – the heartbeat is excellent and the EFV tablet that I am taking with my ARVs is not affecting my foetus. At the antenatal clinic, I was told that they do not give Nevirapine to the pregnant ladies to take home, as the moms tend to use it when they receive false labour pains. They now keep the tablet in the ward and give it to the mother-to-be when she arrives at the labour ward for delivery. Would that not have a negative effect on my child's HIV status? I have decided to give my child formula milk, will that be fine for my baby's growth? And lastly, would a natural vaginal birth be risky for my child to contract HIV?


Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

I am six weeks pregnant and I am a skin care therapist. I do a lot of facials every day but am concerned about the essential oils during the facial massage and botanical mixtures in the water. Do I have to stay away from all essential oils or are there some that are still safe for me to use? If not, would wearing a dentist-type mask be okay so as not to breathe in the oils? Please help because I can't just stop working.


Is it safe to eat strawberries during pregnancy?

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and I just want to know if it is safe to eat strawberries during pregnancy? I've heard from numerous sources that it can possibly cause severe birth defects in the baby and excessive birthmarks.
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