Which celeb mom are you?
Angelina, Britney, Gwyneth or Jenny? Which mom are you most like?
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It's so easy to get engrossed in all the latest tabloids around celebrity moms, reading about Sandra Bullock's new baby or how Angelina's brood is doing. It's not just the scandal we are after though.  Very often we find ourselves cooing over the new baby that Madonna adopted, or perhaps we hear ourselves saying, "I am just like that!" 

Have you ever wondered which celebrity mom you’re like?

Now is the time to find out!


1.  If you had to describe your child/children, which answer suits you best?
     a.  I can never have enough.
     b.  Because of their disabilities my life revolves      around them.
     c.  I feel overwhelmed and scared.
     d.  They are different to other children.

2.  What is your parenting style?

     a.  I don't have one.
     b.  Natural and free.
     c.  All-consuming
     d.  The more knowledge I have, the better

3.  What type of pregnancy did you have?

     a.  All natural, including the birth.
     b.  I adopted.
     c.  I went for all the tests and followed all the rules.
     d.  Stressful because it was so unexpected.

4.  What point of view do you have when it comes to schooling?

     a.  I want only the best-qualified teachers working with my child.
     b.  I love the idea of home schooling.
     c.  Mainstream schooling is perfect
     d.  Montessori is the only way to go

5.  How many children do you ideally want to have?

     a.  Does there have to be a limit?
     b.  Not more than one.
     c.  Two or three.
     d.  To be honest, I wish I didn't have any.

6.  What has your biggest parenting challenge been?

     a.  Falling pregnant.
     b.  Coping with my child's disability.
     c.  Keeping my child healthy and germ free.
     d.  Trying to manage my own life at the same time.

7.  Which activity do you enjoy most with your children?

     a.  Playing games like hide and seek.
     b.  Educational activities such as learning to read.
     c.  Sleeping
     d.  Kid's yoga.

8.  When you have time to yourself, what will you most likely be doing?

     a.  Something with my kids.
     b.  Reading and researching.
     c.  Meditating.
     d.  Partying!

9.  Which of these gifts would you prefer to give your child for their next birthday?

     a.  Audio Blocks.
     b.  A board game so that they can play with their friends and siblings.
     c.  A toy gun.
     d.  A puppy.

10.  How do you balance your career with being a mom?

     a.  I have made children my career (for example, writing children's books)
     b.  I will be a stay-at-home-mom until my children go to school.
     c.  I still work full-time but make sure my children get my full attention when I am home.
     d.  I am so stressed out from work that I can't seem to give my children the one-on-one time they need.

Tally up!

WM = Warrior Mom
FM = Family Mom
EM = Earth Mom
UM = Unprepared Mom

1. a=FM  b=WM  c=UM  d=EM

2. a=UM  b=EM  c=FM  d=WM

3. a=EM  b=FM  c=WM  d=UM

4. a=WM  b=FM  c=UM  d=EM

5. a=FM  b=WM  c=EM  d=UM

6. a=FM  b=WM  c=EM  d=UM

a=FM  b=WM  c=UM  d=EM

8. a=FM  b=WM  c=EM  d=UM

9. a=WM  b=FM  c=UM  d=EM

10. a=WM  b=FM  c=EM  d=UM

Are you Jenny McCarthy - Warrior Mom?
Are you Angelina Jolie - Family Mom?
Are you Gwyneth Paltrow - Earth Mom?
Are you Britney Spears - Unprepared Mom?

So what was your score? Do you agree? Share with us below.


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