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We love baby names! South African baby names in each official language, names with strong meanings, nature-inspired baby names, the baby names of Hollywood celebs... even made-up baby names. Find all our lists of wonderful baby names here.

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Thematic baby name lists 

Beautiful Zulu baby names for girls and boys

We list over 200 Zulu baby names.

15 Magical Harry Potter inspired baby names for girls 

15 Magical Harry Potter inspired baby names for boys

Muggle are you looking for a baby girl name? Why not choose something magical from the world of Harry Potter.

The top 100 baby names inspired by nature

These are 100 of the most beautiful baby names, all inspired by flowers, water, plants, gemstones, animals and other nature themes.

South Africa's top baby names for 2015/16

The results are in! These are baby names most registered in 2015, as released each following year in September. Does your little one's name feature?

South Africa's top baby names for 2014/15

Is your child’s name on the popular list?

30 kick-ass baby names for girls

Trying to be tactful in naming your baby girl? Here are 30 to choose from for your little diva.

Eric and 29 other strong baby names for boys

Looking for a boys name with a strong meaning? Here are 30 to choose from for your little champ.

ABC of Xhosa names

26 beautiful Xhosa names to choose from for your bundle of joy.

ABC of Setswana names

Thandiwe Tshabalala honours African names with her beautiful illustration gifs. See if your baby's name is here.

South African celebs baby names

Here are the names of some of South Africa's brightest celebs.

Hollywood's unique baby names

It seems some celebrities aren't famous enough. They attract more attention to themselves by giving their kids some seriously uncommon names.

Choosing baby names

How to choose a baby name you won't regret

Is there a method to choosing the perfect baby name? Here's what you need to know.

Unisex names for kids

How to avoid forcing your baby to adopt a gender-dominant name.

It’s all in their name

Fun, crazy, interesting and unusual – make your child’s name the benchmark of their personality.

What’s in a name?

How did you choose your children’s names?

Crazy banned baby names

Read on to find out some of the 77 zany names banned in New Zealand.

Celebrate middle names!

Celebrate middle names and their origins with ‘Middle Name Pride Day’.

Give African kids African names

Why do some African parents look down on local names, wonders Sipho.

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