PRINT IT: A c-section birth plan
Just because you're having a c-section doesn't mean you can't have a birth plan in place.

A birth plan isn’t a concert programme dictating what happens when. It’s more of a wish list, helping you to prepare for the procedure. It helps you to consider tiny things you may not have thought of, and discuss certain questions with your gynae a week or more before the date.

In certain instances the medical personnel may have to make a quick decision for your or your baby’s safety and health. That means veering off from any carefully laid-out plan. Don’t despair, the better prepared you are – also being willing to give a little – the more special it’ll be.

We've made a free printable for you to download and fill out to discuss with your doctor. Just click on the image below to download:

Did you have a birth plan for your c-section or in case of an emergency c-section? Send us your birth stories to

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