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Weird and disturbing pregnancy advice

If you're pregnant, you've probably heard most of these insane pieces of 'advice'.

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Men and women react to crazy pregnancy facts

"It just looks generally awful and uncomfortable."

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Real stories: Pregnancy confessions

When the glow fades and the heartburn is intense, moms take to social media to confess.

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Live births

Different birth methods and styles caught on video. [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

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11 bizarre pregnancy facts

Some remarkable occurrences during pregnancy seem almost unbelievable.

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Where’s the best place to give birth in South Africa?

Expectant parents have lots of choices to make when it comes to making a birth plan.

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Blind woman ‘sees’ baby for first time

3D printing technology allows blind woman to see her unborn baby.

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Pelvic shapes and birth

How the 4 pelvic shapes may have an impact on vaginal birth.
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Get your child to play with others

Between the ages of 1 and 2 your child will begin to interact with peers, but will mainly look what the other kids are doing and play on his own, but within speaking distance from other children.

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