How's the Foetus

Loving the child within: Pre-birth stimulation

Before you were pregnant you had no idea of how a child within would consume you. Your baby-to-be is your constant companion not only in body, but also in thought. For nine months you and your baby are one- growing together and undergoing some amazing changes. 

How's the Foetus

What happens before there's an embryo

Learn what's happening in your womb before there is even an embryo. 

Pregnancy and Birth

Do foetuses poop?

An interesting look at what really happens in the womb.

How's the Foetus

Print a 3D model of your foetus

Why settle for a fuzzy scan when you can own a 3D model of your unborn baby?

How's the Foetus

Does coffee cause cleft lips?

Mothers who drink coffee during pregnancy may up the cleft lip risk for their babies.

How's the Foetus

Seeing double

Do you suspect you may fall pregnant with twins? Read on. 

Pregnancy and Birth

Dads, feel your baby kick

This "pregnancy belt" lets dads-to-be feel their babies kick in real time.

How's the Foetus

What is placenta calcification?

And can it be dangerous for to you and your baby?

How's the Foetus

Pregnancy termination or not?

‘These are the reasons I decided not to terminate my child’.
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