Is castor oil useful for inducing labour?Drinking castor oil is a popular method used by pregnant women to induce labour.
The truth about birth and your vaginaA midwife shares exactly what happens to your lady bits after giving birth to a baby.

How's the Foetus

Weird pregnancy facts

10 crazy pregnancy facts

Weird and wonderful facts about being pregnant. Read More

World’s Biggest Baby Shower to be hosted in Johannesburg

Johannesburg Child Welfare will attempt to break a Guinness World record this March! Read More

Do foetuses poop?

An interesting look at what really happens in the womb. Read More

Print a 3D model of your foetus

Why settle for a fuzzy scan when you can own a 3D model of your unborn baby? Read More

Does coffee cause cleft lips?

Mothers who drink coffee during pregnancy may up the cleft lip risk for their babies. Read More

The ‘masturbating’ foetus debate

US Congressman insists foetuses masturbate in the womb and feel pleasure. Read More

Dads, feel your baby kick

This "pregnancy belt" lets dads-to-be feel their babies kick in real time. Read More

Headless 'monster baby'

Woman endures horrific rare parasitic twin birth. Read More

Pregnancy termination or not?

‘These are the reasons I decided not to terminate my child’. Read More

Crazy baby movement in the womb

Watch this amazing video of a baby in the womb moving around. Read More

‘Whackhead’ Simpson stores stem cells

Top South African radio celebrity and prankster chooses stem cell storage. Read More


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