Is castor oil useful for inducing labour?Drinking castor oil is a popular method used by pregnant women to induce labour.
The truth about birth and your vaginaA midwife shares exactly what happens to your lady bits after giving birth to a baby.

Mom's health

9 tips to reduce aches and pains

Here a few tips to help ease those ever present aches and pains during pregnancy. Read More

Your trimester meal plan

Give your growing baby the correct nutrients at every stage of your pregnancy; all while keeping your energy levels up, your blood sugar levels stable and your weight gain in check.  Read More

6 normal but unexpected side effects of having a bump

You were prepared for a growing tummy and morning sickness, but have some odd pregnancy side effects taken you by surprise? We tell you why they are ordinary... Read More

Find a balance with prenatal yoga

The benefits of physical fitness for birth and post-birth recovery. Read More

5 things NEVER to say to pregnant women

A pregnant belly is not an invitation for touching or opinions. Read More

12 brutal pregnancy truths

Here are 12 things that no one ever tells you about being pregnant. Read More

Self-defence for pregnant women

Kia Johnson and Quentin Chong team up to teach preggie self-defence. Read More

‘Flabby’ mom’s bikini shot goes viral

Instagram user shows her stretch marks off as stripes of pride. Read More

6 signs you’re having a miscarriage

How to interpret your body's indicators that you may be losing your baby. Read More

Why I chose to get sterilised

Mom of 2 talks about the hoops she had to jump through to get sterilised. Read More


How's the Foetus

Bubbles or butterflies?

Bubbles, butterflies, flutters and gas. These are all words used to describe what a baby's first movements feel like to a mother. This is a long anticipated event in every pregnancy. 

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