The 3rd trimester: Week 31
Week 31 of pregnancy

    Has your nesting instinct kicked in yet? It will soon - prompting you to get everything ready before baby arrives. Do, and organise, all you can while you have some time...

    Your baby

    How your baby's growing:

    Your little one has started to follow a rhythm of sleeping and waking. She can recognise your pattern of speech, the voices of people you spend a lot of time with and the music that you regularly play. She also tends to dream a lot - spending about 80% of her sleeping time in REM dream sleep.

    Your baby will be running out of room in there, but you should still feel those 10 kicks or so per hour. If you suspect there's been a major decrease, drink some juice and see if she gains some energy and increases her movement temporarily. If not, let your doctor know.

    Your body

    How you may be feeling:

    You're probably really struggling to sleep soundly, what with your big belly and no comfortable position to be found, not to mention baby's erratic movements and the need to go to the loo a few times a night. Rest as much as you can, when you can.

    Now is a good time to think seriously about whether or not you will breastfeed your baby. While studies show that breastfeeding provides the ultimate start in life to your little one, the decision of how to feed your baby is a personal one.

    You're getting closer and closer to your due-date - and closer to the time when breastfeeding is going to become a reality. We've spoken about sore nipples before, but read this for more detailed information to sort out the breastfeeding myths from the facts.

    Tip of the week

    Breastfeeding tips for beginners:

    Cut yourself some slack. It's normal to feel awkward and sore when learning to breastfeed.

    Have faith that your breasts and your baby will adapt in a couple of weeks.

    Forget about bottles for the first month. Your baby will be working hard to figure out how to get your milk. Don't confuse her by throwing a bottle into the mix just yet.

    Relax! Infants can sense tension. Sip some water and relax your neck and shoulders

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