The 3rd trimester: Week 32

You and your partner have probably started thinking about names by now for your little one. Choosing a name for your baby is exciting – and has a long term impact!

Your baby

How your baby's growing:

Your baby's neurons are now in place and he already has billions more than there are stars in the universe. From now on, each neuron is forming up to 15,000 links with other neurons as he receives and responds to signals and information. Your baby's brain is forming trillions of connections, making it possible for her to learn in the womb. All of this brain development may be the reason that your baby sleeps frequently at this stage.

Your body

How you may be feeling:

Although you may be feeling more flexible these days, you might also be experiencing a decrease in your mobility.

Take extra care when getting out of the bath or any other low position - make sure to move slowly and try not to let your pelvis and lower back bear the brunt of any exertion.

That doesn't mean you need to stop exercising though, as keeping active will help relieve back, hip and leg pain. Walking, swimming, practicing yoga and Pilates will all help you recover physically after childbirth.

For the guys

Conventional wisdom - and society's deep-seated stereotypes - still tells us that a Real Man's place is in the office (with a white collar and a briefcase); a woman's place is in the kitchen (barefoot and pregnant, please); and that any "work-versus-family" concerns are solely for women or sissies.

Dads, for the most part, are left alone... left to wallow in their guilt about getting home from work when the baby's already been put to bed.

So how do we alleviate that guilt? How do we make things right with our baby? And how do we get them to say "Dada" instead of "Mama"? Read more in The Involved Dad.

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