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Pregnancy week 1 - 4


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Pregnancy week-by-week

Want to know what your baby looks like and what you can expect at this stage?

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How's the foetus during the first weeks?

Still as small as a seed
By the end of week 4 of your pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a lentil, curled into an arc and measures about 4mm across.

• Cartilage and bones are beginning to form.
• The tongue begins to develop.
• Your baby’s eyes are well-developed and eyelids appear.
• All organs, nerves and muscles are beginning to function.
• His hands are bent at the wrist and arms are growing longer.
• Intestines start to move out of the umbilical cord and into the baby’s abdomen.
• The baby's feet begin to lose their webbed look and the toes are clearly visible.

What's with my pregnant body: From missed period to morning sickness

It's weird suddenly being a pregnant person when yesterday you didn't know - it can take a while to adjust mentally, so it's not a bad idea to wait a day or two before telling the whole world. You might feel perfectly normal, which makes it even more of a mind blast that there is actually a human being in there - albeit one that looks like a slug. Not all women experience the same symptoms at the same time and some symptoms from medical conditions can be mistaken as signs of pregnancy. Below is a list of possible signs of pregnancy:

• Missed a period?
• Found small bloody spots in your undies? (This is caused by implantation. Not all women experience this, and might not notice if they do)
• Swollen or tender breasts
• Been feeling fatigued? (Also known as falling into the dark pit of exhaustion...)
• Had headaches?
• Been feeling nauseous? This known as morning sickness but morning - pah! - it can strike any time of day and continue for the entire day
• Been needing to pee a lot?
• Noticed darkening of your nipples and areas around them?
• A positive home pregnancy test? Have it double-checked with a blood test at the clinic or doctor.

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Pregnancy week 5 - 7

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Pregnancy week-by-week

Want to know what your baby looks like and what you can expect at this stage?

Select your current week below:

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