Pregnancy week 5 - 7
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How's the foetus during weeks 5 - 7?

Developing organs in the embryo
By week 5 your baby is about the size of an apple seed - about 10mm (1cm) in length - and it looks a little like a tadpole. By the end of week 7 your baby is about 2cm long weighs about 1g- the size of a blueberry.

• The embryo is protected by the liquid cushion of the amniotic sac and nourished by the placenta.
• The umbilical cord connects the placenta with the embryo but you and the baby do not share the same blood system.
• The embryo develops into three layers:

The top layer (ectoderm) will develop into the nervous system, the skin and other organs. Middle layer (mesoderm) will develop into the bones, muscles, kidneys, reproductive organs, heart and circulatory system, which is the first to start working. Inner layer (endoderm) will develop into the digestive system, lungs, thyroid and the urinary system. 

What's with my body: Changes in appetite and other developments

Once you know you're pregnant you'll start noticing all sorts of little things you didn't realise were happening.

• Your breasts may become swollen and tender to the touch and the skin around your nipple may look darker.
• Your appetite may increase or if you're a morning sickness sufferer, the mere smell of food can set off a wave of nausea and vomiting.
• You may crave certain foods or develop a sudden dislike for foods that you previously enjoyed.
• You will probably find that you have to run to the toilet for a pee more often.
• You may feel unusually irritable, and even a bit dizzy. It can take a while to adjust mentally to being a preggie person, so expect to have mixed feelings amid the euphoria.

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