Readers respond: "You wouldn't understand. You've never been pregnant!"
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"She made me have doubts about having kids"

Nadia Botha- I have never been pregnant before, but I worked in an office with a pregnant lady.

She complained about everything. If I said I had a headache, her headache would be so much worse, because “I don’t understand what it feels like to be pregnant”.

If I had a stiff neck, her neck would be stiffer. If I was tired, she was even more tired. You get the picture.

Even two years after she had the baby she still pulls out the “you’ve-never-had-baby” card.

It was extremely draining for me to sit in that environment for eight hours a day.

She made ME negative, and I am quite a “glass-half-full” type of person. She even made me have doubts of having my own kids.

But I vowed to never complain so much when I’m pregnant one day, even if it’s killing me inside.

Pregnant women should consider that the negative energy they give out not only affects the baby, but everyone around them, and it makes them unpleasant to be around.
As you say, we are only looking out for our fellow preggos’ health and well-being!

"If you've never been there, you really don't know"

Sian Visser- 

I read your article whilst battling nausea and fatigue going into my 2nd trimester and to be honest I wanted to stop reading the minute I read that you haven’t been pregnant.

I’m plenty positive but I still sometimes just want to be left alone to feel miserable because that’s how I feel and I don’t want anyone judging me!

You are not qualified to write about it if you haven’t experienced it. It’s like writing about apartheid from a black mans’ perspective as an Afrikaaner.

You’re so lucky you didn’t let comments be left!

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