App Review: Totally PregnantA beautiful app to guide you through your 40 weeks of pregnancy.
A magical pregnancy time lapse videoCostumes, anticipation and adorable parents.

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IBM in alleged 'sexist, anti-pregnancy' uproar

Woman overhears alleged sexist discussion by IBM execs over lunch, Tweets about it. Read More

Xtina’s ‘WHOA THERE!’ baby shower cake

Christina Aguilera fan Tweets alarming birth-themed cake. Read More

Why dads deserve paternity leave

Mothers are not the only ones who need to bond with their babies. Read More

Sultry baby boudoir shoot trend

Many moms-to-be are celebrating their femininity with bedroom photo shoots. Read More

Weird things people say when you're pregnant

Having a baby brings out all kinds of unsolicited advice! Read More

Adorable dog teaches baby to crawl

Lovable family dog makes the perfect crawling coach to amazed baby. Read More

Doc sexted during C-sections

Anaesthesiologist suspended after allegedly sexting during Caesarean section surgeries. Read More

‘River birth’ video sparks outdoor birth reality series [GRAPHIC]

Controversial ‘Born in the Wild’ series set to track women giving birth outdoors. Read More

Toni Braxton says son’s autism is God’s abortion ‘payback’

Star’s guilt over abortion leads to claims that God punished her by afflicting her son. Read More

A magical pregnancy time lapse video

Costumes, anticipation and adorable parents. Read More


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