App Review: Totally PregnantA beautiful app to guide you through your 40 weeks of pregnancy.
A magical pregnancy time lapse videoCostumes, anticipation and adorable parents.

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Top tips for baby budgeting

Taking baby steps towards financial planning with these excellent practical tips. Read More

Kate Middleton goes for 50 shades of grey

Popular Royal follows recommendations to skip hair dyes during pregnancy. Read More

Is castor oil useful for inducing labour?

Drinking castor oil is a popular method used by pregnant women to induce labour. Read More

You can buy a unique baby name for R370,000

Swiss company Erfolgswelle will create a one-of-a-kind name for your baby. Read More

Judge says ‘no’ to baby Nutella’s parents

French court rules that a baby’s parents may not name their child ‘Nutella’. Read More

World's best grandpa!

Grandpa-to-be gets the best Christmas gift ever. Read More

Maternity ward sex scandal

Hospital’s odd ‘do not disturb’ rule comes under fire in maternity ward sex scandal. Read More

"Maternity" leave is not about you!

Gay and adoptive parents deserve the same rights as birthing mothers. Read More

Gay dad challenges maternity leave law

Durban man in same-sex marriage denied maternity leave heads to the labour court. Read More

Myths and misconceptions about pregnancy

Is coffee really bad? Are women really pregnant for 9 months? Nope! Read More

Pregnant celebs who effortlessly rock heels

Most pregnant women know the struggle of feet that swell- check these celebs out who make wearing heels look like a breeze. Read More


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