Parents respond to granny and broken chocolate debacle

Our readers air their views about a customer being mistreated in store.


What kids can watch on TV this weekend

Your weekend television guide.


Top apps for toddlers

Here are our top picks for fun and educational apps for your younger kids.


Gifts of beauty for mom

Spread the joy with homemade mason jar presents for mom and granny on Mother's Day.


WATCH: Chris Pratt teaching his son to fish is the cutest thing ever

Sharing hobbies with your kids is one of the best parts of parenting.


25 of the best tips for sane family travel

If you're going on holiday anytime soon, you're going to want to read this!


10 tips for packing when travelling with kids

These handy tips and tricks will make packing for your kids a breeze.


How to travel with young kids and survive

Handy tips on what to pack, where to sit and how to survive a flight with young kids.


Picture play

Teach your children words and activate their imaginations with this simple game.

Development & Behaviour

How to handle the never-ending 'why' questions

A developmental explosion has your toddler asking all sorts of questions - and it's a good thing.


Jessica Biel opens child-friendly restaurant

Parents don't need to worry about their kids disturbing other diners here.

Development & Behaviour

The ultimate WORST places to take your kids

Where only the brave will go (with kids).

Development & Behaviour

Parents respond to out-of-control tantrums

What do you do when your child's tantrums are out of control?

Development & Behaviour

New search engine for kids

Kiddle: a new, safe search engine just for kids.

Development & Behaviour

Out-of-control tantrum: what would you do?

If your child had an out of control tantrum like this, what would you do? Watch this video and tell us how you feel.


School for rich kids?

Kim K's "bestie" to open school for wealthy kids.

Development & Behaviour

How much does nursery school really cost?

Choosing the right nursery school can be a headache, especially when it comes to calculating the actual price. We break down the most common preschool expenses: from school fees and admin levies to raffle tickets and teachers' gifts.

Development & Behaviour

"My food is too cute to eat!"

Boy refuses to eat dinner because it's 'too cute' to eat.


Cute lip syncing duo

Dad sends his wife hilarious videos while he takes care of their son.

Development & Behaviour

5 discipline mistakes we all make

Discipline is tricky to get right. But there are a few toddler-taming no-nos you should avoid.


Have you seen Barbie's new body?

Mattel is finally getting it right with Barbie's new body range.
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What to do about tantrums

on 22 Apr Dealing with tantrums requires a lot of creativity, compassion & patience. Your ability to stay calm in moment of chaos & not fear what other people think is your key to raising strong little beings.

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