Preschool (2-6)

Development & Behaviour

Foundation teachers are more than simply childminders. Here’s why...

Having good, well-trained teachers in their early lives benefits children enormously.


See this 4-year-old tot and her dad belt out Toy Story classic

This daddy-daughter duo's take on one of Disney's all-time favourite movie tracks will melt your heart.


Who is looking after your preschooler?

SPONSORED: Not all parents are in the position to stay at home with their little ones. Choosing the correct Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility is crucial. Here's how.


She wore a GoPro to her first day at preschool

An oldie but a goodie! Wish you were a fly on the wall? These parents found a memorable way to document their child's first day.


Would you take your kids hunting?

A preschool in Norway took 5-year-olds on a field trip to see how reindeer are slaughtered and skinned. Many South Africans take their children with them on a bushveld hunting expedition. How do you feel about it?


Learning how to swim

All about swimming lessons, from your child’s first cautious dip to stroke correction and swimming galas


This year's top toys for toddlers

Are you completely stumped on what could you possibly get your little ones and their cousins for Christmas? Look no further! This gift guide is a collaboration of fun and educational toys.


Celebville does Halloween in the most epic way

Halloween isn't really observed in South Africa, but it doesn't stop us from cooing at the costumes and admiring just how much effort is put in.

Development & Behaviour

Jo Frost shows you how to deal with young kids in a restaurant

Going to a restaurant with your kids can be quite a mission. Jo Frost, the child behaviour guru, gives some of her tips and tricks to help. 


WARNING! This video will make you crave a pet

Getting a pet is one of the best things you can do for your children. We've lined up a few good arguments...


Harsh truth: Here's why you as a parent should buckle-up your child

Are you one of those parents that fail to buckle up your kids? This is why you should stop those bad habits and start caring about our child's safety.


Kids' savagery at its finest

Sometimes kids say some uncouth things. The adults work very hard at keeping a straight face, but deep down, they're rolling on the floor laughing.

Development & Behaviour

Fire up your child’s creativity

Here are some great ways to help your child get creative when there's been too much TV time.


Leapfrog unveils the LeapStart

PARTNERED WITH PRIMA TOYS: LeapFrog’s LeapStart Junior, designed specifically for 2 to 4 year-olds, will help kids thrive by teaching them the critical skills they need at this early stage

Development & Behaviour

When co-sleeping becomes too much

Co-sleeping can be really helpful when your baby is young, but extended co-sleeping can lead to many familial problems.


Kids movies we’re looking forward to this year

There are some great movies still coming up for kids of all ages.


Put your child in the story

Personalised story books are a great way to get your child to engage and develop a habit of reading.


Your kids in a car seat. Full stop.

We chat to the founder of #CarSeatFullStop about why strapping your child in is not optional.

Birthday parties

Olympics party!

Celebrate your child's party with an energy-packed Olympics party.


Watch: Baking with a toddler

While this can be stressful and messy, it's also fun and really adorable!

Development & Behaviour

3 tips for reluctant readers

Reading Expert Claire Montague-Fryer suggests ways to help your kid read.


Food is a parenting issue

Despite our good intentions, we don’t really teach our children well.

Development & Behaviour

Dressing your little one

What you can expect at each age with regard to your child dressing themselves.


Don't stress about your fussy eater

Some tips on how to get your kids to develop better eating habits.


Xander apps encourages learning with local language

These educational apps are cute, will keep your kids entertained and are available in 6 South African languages.


How to outsmart your kids

Ever gotten into an argument with your toddler about how something is going to be done?


The cure for toddler boredom

SPONSORED: When it's too cold to play outside and the kids are climbing the walls, here are some ideas to keep them busy.
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