Development & Behaviour

Arch Junior: Readers respond

What readers had to say about the 3 year old winner.

Development & Behaviour

Effective child discipline

All the advice you need on the best ways to discipline your child.

Development & Behaviour

Is Arch Junior too young for fame?

3-year-old DJ wins SA's Got Talent.


Down syndrome: avoiding the awkwardness

There seems to be a lot of do's and don'ts when it comes to talking about Down syndrome. But Carin Bevan has only one rule: Don't be scared to ask her about her son.


"Barbie made me do it!"

Kids can really invent the best stories to get them out of trouble.

Development & Behaviour

5 ways to have a happy playdate

Playdates are a great idea especially when mom or dad is a busy at work and the kids need to be kept occupied. Here's how you can make it a pleasant experience for all.


Car seats saved these kids' lives

Mom and 2 kids, all strapped in, survive horrific car crash.


The worst things to say to a parent

Some things are better left unsaid.

Development & Behaviour

25 words your two-year-old should be saying

By the age of two your tot should be uttering a few words already. Here are some of the more common words he should be familiar with at this age.


The coolest dad costumes!

These dads go all out when it comes to dressing up with their babies.


North West says no to pictures

Should kids of celebrities be off limits to paparazzi?


4-year-old joins Australian rugby game!

Australian rugby league legends welcome a new player.


Epic kids Halloween costumes

Ellen Degeneres helps these adorable kids dress up for Halloween.


Things au pairs can't stand

Are you taking advantage of your au pair?
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