Who is looking after your preschooler?

SPONSORED: Not all parents are in the position to stay at home with their little ones. Choosing the correct Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility is crucial. Here's how.


Would you take your kids hunting?

A preschool in Norway took 5-year-olds on a field trip to see how reindeer are slaughtered and skinned. Many South Africans take their children with them on a bushveld hunting expedition. How do you feel about it?


Be swim safe

Keep your kids safe in the pool.


WARNING! This video will make you crave a pet

Getting a pet is one of the best things you can do for your children. We've lined up a few good arguments...


Harsh truth: Here's why you as a parent should buckle-up your child

Are you one of those parents that fail to buckle up your kids? This is why you should stop those bad habits and start caring about our child's safety.


Your kids in a car seat. Full stop.

We chat to the founder of #CarSeatFullStop about why strapping your child in is not optional.


Don't stress about your fussy eater

Some tips on how to get your kids to develop better eating habits.


Life hack: removing gum from your child's hair

These household products have an unexpected benefit: removing gum from hair!


Would you leave your kids home alone?

Australian parents left their kids alone while going overseas. Our readers have their say about leaving kids alone at home.


What to do when a pet dies

To a child, a pet is more than a family animal. He is family - and saying goodbye to him is hard.


I support the decision to kill Harambe

This mom feels that the Cincinnati Zoo acted exactly as it should've because a child could've died.


Readers respond: Whose life is more important - kid or gorilla

Readers give their opinion on the events surrounding the child in the gorilla's enclosure


Whose life is more important – kid or gorilla?

Cincinnati Zoo kills gorilla to save child. But was it necessary?


Parents respond to granny and broken chocolate debacle

Our readers air their views about a customer being mistreated in store.


10 tips for packing when travelling with kids

These handy tips and tricks will make packing for your kids a breeze.


Scorching heatwave melts water bottle

Why you should never leave your children in the car.


3-year-old girl donates her hair to cancer patients

Three-year-old girl really gets the meaning of 'hair care' in her support of cancer patients.


Where do most drownings occur?

"A child can drown within 2-5 minutes."


Is your child safe in your car?

Why it is never okay to unfasten your child's safety belt.


Hospital 101

Estrelita has some great tips for parents on improving their hospital etiquette.
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