Car seats saved these kids' lives
Mom and 2 kids, all strapped in, survive horrific car crash.
Photo by Wakulla County Fire Rescue

Looking at the photos of this terrible car crash you would never imagine that a Florida mom and her two children survived.  

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Although the photo shows that the back seat was almost completely destroyed, the children's car seats saved both of their lives. 

What should you consider when buying a car seat for your child?

Safety is obviously going to be your number one concern and you'll want something that gives you some sort of surety when you're driving around with the kids. 

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Imperial Road Safety and KFM ran a drive to collect second hand car seats for the Imperial Car Seats for Kids campaign.

Donald Grant, Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public works, said “There are too often indications of the absence of child restraints amongst child passengers killed in the Western Cape, where road deaths per capita are approximately 38% lower than in South Africa in general.

"Children who are unrestrained, even on an adult’s lap, will be seriously injured or killed, even in a slight collision. We continue to appeal to parents and caregivers to buckle young children up in appropriate car seats to help prevent injury and death in a crash.

"Age-appropriate car seats are effective because the car seat harness and vehicle seatbelt are positioned over the parts of a child’s body that are most likely to absorb the force of a crash.” 

Do you always buckle up the kids?

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