Health & Safety

Do you smack your kids?

Some reasons parents give for smacking.

Health & Safety

Looking after a child with allergies

Children with severe allergies learn unique survival skills.

Health & Safety

Kids laugh at ridiculous fashion shoots

Kids try to make sense of the bizarre world of clothing advertising.

Health & Safety

Clueless moms play Minecraft for the first time

"I know that some of the animals have hearts that come out of their butts."

Health & Safety

Staying calm when your child is hospitalised

How to cope when your child is hospitalised, what to pack and how to be prepared.

Health & Safety

Star Wars Father's Day cards for geeky dads

There's no better way to say 'Happy Father's Day' than with the force.

Health & Safety

5 fun science experiments for kids

You don't have to be a scientist to do these fun experiments with your children.

Health & Safety

Hilariously inappropriate children

Hide in shame or burst out laughing - kids will embarrass you at every turn.

health & safety

Spot on

Has your child come out in spots? Do a spot check with our guide to 12 childhood rashes with fever as symptom.

Health & Safety

How to pull a tooth out

Parents and kids figure out creative ways to (safely) extract a loose tooth.

Health & Safety

Amazing help for family in crisis

Families experiencing huge difficulties are discovering generous support online.

Health & Safety

Could this man kidnap your child?

A shocking social experiment shows just how easy it is to abduct a child.

Health & Safety

How to stop bed wetting

Tips and advice by parenting experts on how to eliminate bed wetting.

Health & Safety

The bathtub – a death trap

Sipho Yanano explains why bath time can be hazardous for small children.

Health & Safety

Child victims of xenophobia

Adult hate crimes can lead to damaged kids but compassionate parenting is one way to resolve this.

Health & Safety

Armed gang robs crèche in Khayelitsha

Teachers left traumatised after being robbed of their wages in front of children.

Health & Safety

Special day care for unvaccinated kids

Conan O’Brien comes up with a solution to the problem of unvaccinated children. [VIDEO]

Health & Safety

'Smack your kids', says Pope

Pope Francis states that spanking children is fine, as long as their dignity is intact.

Health & Safety

7 signs of early puberty

Could your child be developing earlier than they should? Look out for these signs.

Health & Safety

12 facts on child abductions

How to avoid every parent's nightmare: a missing child.

Health & Safety

Parents talk to their kids about sex for the first time

The most awkward conversation you can have with your kids caught on camera.

Health & Safety

Park bans single men and women over paedophilia fears

UK park takes draconian step of banning single adults to protect kids.

Health & Safety

Kidnapped girl found after 12 years

Missing Texas girl returned to her father after being kidnapped at 4 years old.
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