Scorching heatwave melts water bottle
Why you should never leave your children in the car.

With the recent heatwave responsible for South Africa's high temperatures, we'd hope that no parent needs to be reminded about the dangers of leaving kids and pets in cars. 

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An Australian mother recently posted pictures on Facebook after leaving her child's water bottle in the car from 9am to 3pm. 

In the picture below, which was reposted in an article by the Daily Mail, the water bottle appeared to have almost completely melted.

Image via Daily Mail

According to Kars4Kids (an American car donation company) at least one child dies each week in America from heatstroke after being left alone in a car. 

The same non-profit organisation ran a social experiment, testing adults to see how long they could last in a hot car. 

If they could last longer than ten minutes in the hot car they'd be given $100.

However, not one of these adults lasted as long as ten minutes. 

Video via Youtube:

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