My daughter was abusedAbuse may make your eyes glaze over, but it’s different when it’s your kid.
12 top snot tipsWhat to do when the Snot Monster runs riot in your child’s early years.

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Cute girl on YouTube

Dad distracts his daughter in the cutest way possible

A 4-year-old little girl needed to be distracted from scary fireworks and this dad does a great job. Read More

Amazing invention helps disabled kids walk

This mom invented something incredible to help her disabled child walk. Read More

Sneak peek: New animated film by DreamWorks - Home

Meet the Boov - cute aliens that are searching for a safe place to live in the new animated film by DreamWorks. Read More

Board game turns kids into little programmers

Robot Turtle will teach young children more than just how to roll a dice. Read More

Get covered with Old Mutual

Find out how much personal cover may cost, with Old Mutual's GREENLIGHT Personal Cover online quote. Read More

Terminally-ill boy just wants to be Batman

The Make-A-Wish Foundation turns San Francisco into Gotham City and makes a little boy's dream a reality. Read More

Travel with pets

Frontline®Plus has provided some “impawtant” tips to ensure your pets’ have a great summer holiday too! Read More

Mom's WOW moment

Revealing video offers an amazing fresh perspective on kids. Read More

Wicked parents tease kids

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘hilarious’ new prank video is actually pretty messed up. Read More

‘My kid, the drama queen’

Child creates drama in ‘the world’s greatest commercial’ Read More

When pets give birth! (video)

Help your kids understand what happens when a family pet gives birth. Read More


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