Ramadaan activities: The Good Deed Jar
Just because your kids are too young to fast doesn't mean they can't get into the spirit of Ramadaan.

We are 10 days into Ramadaan and that means we're almost halfway through our most holy month. The Quraan was revealed during Ramadaan and to commemorate this Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset (no, not even water), perform more acts of charity and try to complete reading the entire Quraan in the month.

Because my son is only 3 years old, he's obviously not fasting but we wanted him to realise the significance of this month. So we made him a good deeds jar.

Every morning he pulls out a good deed and he has to complete it for the day. It then gets stuck up on the wall and he is reminded that these are things that we need to strive to do everyday.

They're age-appropriate and easy things to do like "pick up any dirt you see and throw it in the bin" or "greet everyone with a smile". And also, because he is only 3 we've included some small treats in amongst the good deeds. Again, small simple things like a lollipop or matchbox cars. So that's 20 good deeds and 10 treats.

good deeds

The thing I like about this good deed jar is that it can be done whenever and you don't even have to be Muslim to partake because you can make up your own good deeds, tailored to your religion or just being a good human in general.

How to make your own good deed jar:

  • Download and fill out this sheet.
  • In the blue blocks write down good deeds you want your kids to do.
  • In the green blocks write down any treats.
  • Cut them all out, fold them in half and place them in a jar or container with a lid.

    Ideas for good deeds can include:

    • Choose toys to donate
    • Make treat parcels for orphans
    • Make a card for someone you love
    • Think of five things to be grateful for
    • Help sort laundry
    • Greet everyone with a smile
    • Play with someone you don't usually play with at school
    • Don't waste water
    • Help set the table for supper
    • Bring your teacher some flowers

    Ideas for treats can include:

    With treats it's up to you really. You can include edible treats like chocolates or lollipops. and also non-edible treats like puzzles or matchbox cars. My son loves vehicles and dinosaurs so those were included in his jar.

    What have you done to get your kids into the spirit of Ramadaan. Send us your ideas to chatback@parent24.com and we could publish them.

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