Development & Behaviour

When should my child be able to draw a line?

We take a look at how your child's drawing skills progresses as they age.

Development & Behaviour

When co-sleeping becomes too much

Co-sleeping can be really helpful when your baby is young, but extended co-sleeping can lead to many familial problems.

Development & Behaviour

3 tips for reluctant readers

Reading Expert Claire Montague-Fryer suggests ways to help your kid read.

Development & Behaviour

Dressing your little one

What you can expect at each age with regard to your child dressing themselves.

Development & Behaviour

How stories change your child's brain

Telling stories is the first step to literacy development.

Development & Behaviour

What to do about tantrums

Here are some tips to diffuse a tantrum.

Development & Behaviour

Reader's Respond: Why I let my son play with dolls

Our readers respond to an article about boys and dolls.

Development & Behaviour

How to handle the never-ending 'why' questions

A developmental explosion has your toddler asking all sorts of questions - and it's a good thing.

Development & Behaviour

The ultimate WORST places to take your kids

Where only the brave will go (with kids).

Development & Behaviour

Parents respond to out-of-control tantrums

What do you do when your child's tantrums are out of control?

Development & Behaviour

New search engine for kids

Kiddle: a new, safe search engine just for kids.

Development & Behaviour

Out-of-control tantrum: what would you do?

If your child had an out of control tantrum like this, what would you do? Watch this video and tell us how you feel.

Development & Behaviour

"My food is too cute to eat!"

Boy refuses to eat dinner because it's 'too cute' to eat.

Development & Behaviour

5 discipline mistakes we all make

Discipline is tricky to get right. But there are a few toddler-taming no-nos you should avoid.

Development & Behaviour

Actor's son sees for the first time

Australian actor, Shane Jacobson urges all parents to be sure about their children's vision.

Development & Behaviour

Making first friends

Forging those early relationships with her peers is a lot more work for your tot than you think.

Development & Behaviour

Meet Sandra Bullock's new adopted daughter

“I knew she was scared, and all I wanted was for her to know Louis and I weren’t going anywhere”

Development & Behaviour

Wakey-wakey, parents!

This is how easy it is for paedophiles.

Development & Behaviour

Most controversial parenting debates of 2015

Several controversial parenting topics got our parents all worked up this year. Here they are:

Development & Behaviour

Arch Junior: Readers respond

What readers had to say about the 3 year old winner.

Development & Behaviour

Effective child discipline

All the advice you need on the best ways to discipline your child.

Development & Behaviour

Is Arch Junior too young for fame?

3-year-old DJ wins SA's Got Talent.
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