A reader's response to mommy struggles
"I can never own anything white ever again."

I absolutely loved the post on 'mommy struggles'. I could relate to all of them.

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Being a working mom of 3 I have some common mommy struggles too;

Here goes,

-Never get to eat a plate of warm food again.

-Never to drink my soda or water without backwash again.

-I can never own anything white ever again. Nope. Not even off white… Little grubby handprint and spill magnet of note.

-Blunt eyeliners, dry mascaras and mixed colour eyeshadows are the new black!

-New car – no problem – can you cling wrap it? Like the entire car - because one trip with 3 kids will make it look 3 years old in 30 minutes.  

-Scheduling an extra 30 minutes at any park because if there is a swing – you will be pushing for 30 minutes at least.

-Having to dispose of half sucked, eaten, chewed unidentifiable food objects (UFO)s.

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Kids' savagery at its finest


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