Creating Eid traditions for your family
Here are some great ideas for creating Eid traditions for your new family.

If you’re Muslim and you live in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa, for that matter, chances are your Eid day is stocked pretty full of Eid traditions.

The men and boys go to mosque early in the morning and the women stay home and prepare a traditional breakfast, often consisting of baked bread, corned beef, pies and coffee. If you’re of Indian descent, you’re probably getting home to some delicious sanna ­(steamed rice cakes) and chicken curry.

Eid is often spent going around visiting your entire family and giving Eid greetings. Tables are laden with sweet and savoury treats and Eid lunch is a big family affair.

But the day can often feel rushed and creating traditions for your own family can help to just stop and enjoy the moment. Our son is turning 3 soon and we have another little one on the way, so my husband and I really wanted to have a little tradition that is just for our family.

Here are some of the Eid traditions our family follow:

1. Moon sighting

Every month the Crescent Observer’s Society goes to sight the new moon for the start of each lunar month. On the 29thday of Ramadaan, a lot of families go out to Three Anchor Bay in Seapoint or Signall Hill in Cape Town to see if they can spot the new moon, signalling the new month as well as the holiday of Eid.

I remember when we were little my father would take my brother and me with him while my mom stayed home to prepare in case it was Eid the next day. She’d pack in savouries, water and falooda to break our fast with. We could never sight the moon with our tiny, inexperienced eyes and just trusted that those who knew what to look for had spotted it.  

2. Decorating the home

When it’s Eid the whole house gets a thorough cleaning: carpets are washed, new curtains are put up and fresh bedding is put on. The good table cloths, cutlery and crockery are taken out. 

But you can take it one step further and put up some Eid buntings, balloons, table décor and banners. You can find some lovely printables to decorate your home with here.

3. Paying it forward

Ramadaan is not all about fasting and just not eating all day. It’s about getting closer to your Creator and also about helping the less fortunate. So getting your kids to help another child for Eid is a good way to get them to show kindness, generosity and also to think about someone other than themselves (as children tend to do).

Children often get new threads for Eid. But not all children are fortunate enough to get new clothes. There are various charities that help clothe a child in need for Eid and your child can help choose clothes for another child.

4. A special breakfast for the kids

My brother-in-law has an awesome tradition for his kids. Aside from the traditional Eid breakfast, the kids can have anything their hearts desire for Eid breakfast. They start putting in their orders days before and it varies from ice cream in winter to cake or a bowl of sweets.

5. Opening presents

Usually on Eid, all the kids in the family get some money, called an Eidie. But when I got married I was exposed to a new tradition – that of giving gifts on Eid. The children wake up to a house filled with balloons, bright décor and presents! Who doesn’t like presents? Safe to say this is one of my favourite traditions.

Eid is a joyous time of celebration and often a very busy day – so take some time in the morning to just enjoy it with your little family with these Eid traditions.

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