Let’s paint it all
Help your preschooler develop her dexterity.

Why we suggest this exercise:

Painting is a fun exercise to  stimulate fine motor coordination and hand function. 

Equipment needed:

• Non-toxic paint

How to do it:

First attach a large piece of paper to the wall and then give your child a big paint brush to paint with.  In order to start the exercise, you can ask your cherub to copy the following:  l, --, O. ?A good idea is to create a safe play are where your little scallywag can make a mess. You can do this by setting up a temporary art room in the garage or bathroom and putting down rubber mats on the floor. ?


• You can give your toddler finger paint and encourage them to paint with their fingers.
• Let them use the following instead of a brush: sponge, old toothbrush, etc.  

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