"You're in big trouble!" says dad who can't stop laughing
Dad is cross but how do you not laugh?

We've all been there: that moment where your kids are in big trouble for whatever reason, but they've made it impossible for you not to laugh

When you're trying to maintain disciplinary action, your uncontrollable laughter is the last thing your kids will take seriously. You try to keep a straight face and hold your firm, unimpressed or strict parenting voice but eventually you crack. 

The video below was posted in 2014 but has recently been doing its rounds again on social media. We couldn't not share this! 

When this dad catches his two sons covered in paint after messing it all over the house he goes to confront them, in all seriousness. 

What follows is hysterical: 

Video via Youtube

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Kids' savagery at its finest


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