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Singing cat ad is paw-some!Little girl takes cat for a sing-a-long bicycle ride in world's cutest ad.

Health & Safety

Cute kids

Cute kids sleep in crazy positions

Tired kids won't let anything stop them from having a good snooze. Read More

How to deal with sleep deprivation

A single mom of 4 young kids shares her tips for dealing with constantly being sleep deprived. Read More

WATCH: Mom hijacked outside school

Shocking video shows how quickly a hijacking a can take place. Follow these tips to stay safe. Read More

3 dangerous parenting choices

Adults get to make their own foolish choices, but these kids may suffer as a consequence. Read More

Dad who left kid in car charged with murder

Father who left 22-month-old boy in car for seven hours charged with murder. Read More

Sesame Street: Old School, for adults only?

Would you allow your kids to watch the old Sesame Street today? Read More

Electric shock for kids in swimming pool

Shocking footage of children receiving electric shock in Florida swimming pool (they survived!). Read More

A fitness tracker for kids

Do kids really need another electronic device in his life? Read More

'What's wrong with me, Mom?'

A guide for parents to help them explain diseases and other health conditions to their children. Read More

Wet Winter, Wet Cough

Get better. Get Benylin. Read More

Shocking image of airborne bouncy castle disaster

3 children injured after bouncy castle is lifted 15 metres into the air by wind. Read More


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