7 signs of early pubertyCould your child be developing earlier than they should? Look out for these signs.
Letting go as a single parentA broken window teaches Natasha a valuable lesson about learning to let go.

Health & Safety

How to pull a tooth out

Parents and kids figure out creative ways to (safely) extract a loose tooth. Read More

Can you “abduct-proof” your kids?

Tips to help impress the importance of stranger danger. Read More

Could this man kidnap your child?

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Amazing help for family in crisis

Families experiencing huge difficulties are discovering generous support online. Read More

How to stop bed wetting

Tips and advice by parenting experts on how to eliminate bed wetting. Read More

The bathtub – a death trap

Sipho Yanano explains why bath time can be hazardous for small children. Read More

Armed gang robs crèche in Khayelitsha

Teachers left traumatised after being robbed of their wages in front of children. Read More

10 tips for packing when travelling with kids

These handy tips and tricks will make packing for your kids a breeze. Read More

DIY family storage solutions

Get organised with these easy and handy DIY tips. Read More

Special day care for unvaccinated kids

Conan O’Brien comes up with a solution to the problem of unvaccinated children. [VIDEO] Read More

9 tips for avoiding lightning strikes

Teach your kids how to be safe during an electric storm. Read More


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