Singing cat ad is paw-some!Little girl takes cat for a sing-a-long bicycle ride in world's cutest ad.
12 playdates from HELL!Real parents dish the dirt on the world’s worst playdates.

Health & Safety

12 facts on child abductions

How to avoid every parent's nightmare- a missing child. Read More

‘Baby predators’ horrify police, parents

Arrest in horrific child porn ring prompts police to warn of SA child abuse. Read More

Parents talk to their kids about sex for the first time

The most awkward conversation you can have with your kids caught on camera. Read More

Mom tries to comfort her kids as they burn to death

Two boys die in mobile home fire while desperate mom tells them she loves them. Read More

Be responsible and buckle up your family

Learn what needs to be done to keep your family safe these holidays. Read More

Park bans single men and women over paedophilia fears

UK park takes draconian step of banning single adults to protect kids. Read More

Can all-natural parenting be harmful to your children?

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's healthy for your family. Read More

Boy finds condom in his cornflakes

A young British boy found a closed condom in his cereal. Read More

Kidnapped girl found after 12 years

Missing Texas girl returned to her father after being kidnapped at 4 years old. Read More

The first Iron Girl in Britain

A girl born without a hand has the opportunity to do things she previously couldn't, thanks to a 3D printer. Read More

Road rage mom turns air blue [explicit video]

Parents who lose control in their cars set a precarious example to kids. Read More


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