My daughter was abusedAbuse may make your eyes glaze over, but it’s different when it’s your kid.
12 top snot tipsWhat to do when the Snot Monster runs riot in your child’s early years.

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Do you want to build a snowman

Most dramatic rendition of Frozen's 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman?' ever

This little girl sings/screams through the pain of having a splinter removed and it's hilarious. Read More

8 simple rules for keeping kids safe around dogs

Teach your children these simple tricks for staying safe around dogs. Read More

Adorable stranger danger lesson fail!

This child doesn’t get the message about strangers (but at least she’s honest!). Read More

Baby dies in jaw-droppingly hazardous day care centre

Dead baby leads US cops to jaw-dropping hazards in illegal day care centre. Read More

Video: ‘Dazed’ mom drives her car with 3 kids into the ocean

Horrified bystanders watch as ‘blank-faced’ pregnant mom drives screaming kids into the waves. Read More

Boy killed by pet rat

Pet company sued after boy dies in rat bite fever tragedy. Read More

Pre-schoolers caught ‘having sex’ in school toilets

Parents question school safety after kids are caught ‘having sex’ in a bathroom. Read More

Breakdancing 6-year-old girl will blow your mind

This amazing girl may be small but she can teach you more than a thing or two about breakdancing. Read More

Beware of dogs with yellow ribbons

A yellow ribbon on the leash of a strange dog could save your child's life. Read More

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, what better way to protect yourself than with Swimseal! Read More

5-year-old girl in candy ‘arrest’

Mom sends her kid to jail for stealing candy in attempted shock-cure. Read More


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