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7 signs of early pubertyCould your child be developing earlier than they should? Look out for these signs.

Health & Safety

The naked truth about parenting

What’s best when it comes to nudity in the home? Read More

Do you smack your kids?

Some reasons parents give for smacking. Read More

Looking after a child with allergies

Children with severe allergies learn unique survival skills. Read More

‘Sick, drunk’ fashion

Kids try to make sense of the bizarre world of clothing advertising. Read More

Clueless moms play Minecraft for the first time

"I know that some of the animals have hearts that come out of their butts." Read More

Staying calm when your child is hospitalised

How to cope when your child is hospitalised, what to pack and how to be prepared. Read More

Star Wars Father's Day cards for geeky dads

There's no better way to say 'Happy Father's Day' than with the force. Read More

5 fun science experiments for kids

You don't have to be a scientist to do these fun experiments with your children. Read More

Hilariously inappropriate children

Hide in shame or burst out laughing - kids will embarrass you at every turn. Read More

Kids injured as bouncy castle goes airborne [VIDEO]

US: 3 children injured as waterspout hurls “bounce house” across parking lot. Read More

How to pull a tooth out

Parents and kids figure out creative ways to (safely) extract a loose tooth. Read More


Care & Nutrition

Sleekgeek kids

Obesity in South Africa is becoming a real problem, say medical experts, but Sleekgeek kids are combating overweight and obesity issues to ensure a healthy future.

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