Singing cat ad is paw-some!Little girl takes cat for a sing-a-long bicycle ride in world's cutest ad.
12 playdates from HELL!Real parents dish the dirt on the world’s worst playdates.

Development & Behaviour

Chore chart

DIY chore charts

Chore charts for children of every age that you can easily make at home. Read More

Child sent ‘no-show’ fee for missed birthday party

Little boy’s parents receive invoice when he fails to attend a birthday party. Read More

4-year-old girl feeds 6 pit bulls

Social media users fret about child’s safety as she feeds her ‘vicious’ pets. Read More

Stepmoms want to be loved. That's all.

Elana Afrika shares what she's learned from being a stepmom. Read More

Cute cats and dogs LOVE babies (compilation)

Is there anything cuter than a baby enjoying the family pet? We don’t think so! [video] Read More

Kid shaves head instead of combing hair

Small boy mistakes clippers for comb with predictably hilarious results. Read More

Daddy and daughter duo

London and Lil' London show off their dance moves on The Queen Latifah Show. Read More

Common names for naughty kids

Is your child's name on the naughty list? Read More

Hero dog gives life to protect kids from gunfire

A family dog put itself between gunfire and kids in a road rage incident. Read More

This sanctimommy is judging you

There are just some things that this mom will judge other parents on. Read More

'Is that movie okay for my kids?'

Brilliant site offers easy-to-grasp look at movies to help parents decide their suitability. Read More


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