Development & Behaviour

5 discipline mistakes we all make

Discipline is tricky to get right. But there are a few toddler-taming no-nos you should avoid.


Have you seen Barbie's new body?

Mattel is finally getting it right with Barbie's new body range.


What's the loveliest thing your child has said?

We all have moments when our hearts melt. What's yours?


Scorching heatwave melts water bottle

Why you should never leave your children in the car.


Parents respond to Blandford Manor's ban on children

Take a look at what our readers had to say about the ban on children at a popular Johannesburg venue.

Development & Behaviour

Actor's son sees for the first time

Australian actor, Shane Jacobson urges all parents to be sure about their children's vision.

Development & Behaviour

Are you a lawnmower parent?

Are we trying too hard to give our children the things we never had?

Development & Behaviour

How to avoid a teary first day of playschool

For many that first day of playschool ends in floods of tears. How can you avoid this for you and your tot? 


New trend: keeping birthday parties simple

Say goodbye to over the top birthday parties.


"Hello from the Mother side"

The best Adele parody a mother will ever hear.


These Christmas moments will melt your heart

Our favourite Christmas pics and videos of 2015.

Development & Behaviour

"How do you afford being a single parent?"

And other questions single parents are tired of hearing.

Development & Behaviour

Making first friends

Forging those early relationships with her peers is a lot more work for your tot than you think.

Development & Behaviour

What type of Facebook parent are you?

8 types of moms you're guaranteed to find on Facebook.


Do you know your Christmas songs?

Printable and fun Christmas song lyrics


Do you know your Christmas carols?

Printables of traditional Christmas carol lyrics.

Development & Behaviour

Meet Sandra Bullock's new adopted daughter

“I knew she was scared, and all I wanted was for her to know Louis and I weren’t going anywhere”

Development & Behaviour

Wakey-wakey, parents!

This is how easy it is for paedophiles.

Development & Behaviour

Most controversial parenting debates of 2015

Several controversial parenting topics got our parents all worked up this year. Here they are:


Where do most drownings occur?

"A child can drown within 2-5 minutes."


Is your child safe in your car?

Why it is never okay to unfasten your child's safety belt.
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