20 boredom busters for kids

Looking for interesting ways to fill idle days? These simple activities can help.


10 toys that cost nothing

You don’t have to spend a fortune on toys and games to keep your child busy. Here are some interesting and easy ways to turn household objects into entertaining toys and games for your child.


Dozens of crafts for preschoolers

Endless activities, arts and crafts for your little busy body.


5 activities for rainy days

How to keep your kids entertained when it's miserable outside.


Watch: Polite tot overwhelmed by toys

"Oh my goodness!" can all toddlers be like this?


Would you leave your kids home alone?

Australian parents left their kids alone while going overseas. Our readers have their say about leaving kids alone at home.


Comical reasons kids cry

These toddlers are upset for absolutely ludicrous reasons.


What to do when a pet dies

To a child, a pet is more than a family animal. He is family - and saying goodbye to him is hard.


I support the decision to kill Harambe

This mom feels that the Cincinnati Zoo acted exactly as it should've because a child could've died.


Readers respond: Whose life is more important - kid or gorilla

Readers give their opinion on the events surrounding the child in the gorilla's enclosure


Whose life is more important – kid or gorilla?

Cincinnati Zoo kills gorilla to save child. But was it necessary?

Development & Behaviour

How stories change your child's brain

Telling stories is the first step to literacy development.


Penelope Disick lip syncs to Rihanna & Kanye West

Lil P proves that she's not only a fashionista but a diva too.


Interesting baking treats you'd want to eat... NOW!

It's World Baking Day! Let's celebrate by being creative and baking up a storm!


Baking cookies with kids

Bring creativity and fun to the kitchen by letting your child bake her own cookies!


DIY: Make your own sailboat

It's sails up with a sturdy DIY boat for some special summer fun, me mateys!


PRINT IT: Mother's Day Cards

Print one of these awesome Disney Mother's Day cards for your kids to give to Mom.


A Mother's Day breakfast menu

Here's a menu your kids can put together for mom on Mother's Day.


DIY puffy paint in no time

Get creative with colourful puff pastry, a two-in-one activity. 


Parents respond to granny and broken chocolate debacle

Our readers air their views about a customer being mistreated in store.


What kids can watch on TV this weekend

Your weekend television guide.


Top apps for toddlers

Here are our top picks for fun and educational apps for your younger kids.


Gifts of beauty for mom

Spread the joy with homemade mason jar presents for mom and granny on Mother's Day.


WATCH: Chris Pratt teaching his son to fish is the cutest thing ever

Sharing hobbies with your kids is one of the best parts of parenting.
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Be the example

Here is your opportunity to set your child on a healthy eating habit trajectory for the rest of his life. Be cognisant of the amount of milk they’re drinking. As the solid foods become more the milk intake should be less.

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