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Preschool (2-6)



'My granddaughter is a spoilt brat': a frustrated grandma's week-long nightmare

This grandmother loves her granddaughter. But after the three-year-old stayed with her for a week, she's not sure she likes the little girl very much.

Development & Behaviour

How to help little ones conquer night-time fears

Children with a sensitive temperament are likely to become more anxious.


WATCH: Preschooler doing the Dougie to the ABCs

This preschooler broke out some serious moves at his annual school concert, and the video's been seen more than 9 million times.


Great Parent24 stories to kick off your week and school holiday

ICYMI: Check out our top stories for the week.

Development & Behaviour

It happened to me: When your toddler prefers the company of adults

Does your toddler prefer the company of adults over socialising with their peers?


WATCH: Sia's inspirational new song for the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie

Sia just released the most inspiring and catchy song for My Little Pony: The Movie.


Celebs you didn’t know were parents

When it comes to famous people, there’s no secrecy – we know what they do and how they live, but these celebs have managed to keep a certain part of their lives very private.


This fed up ‘tooth fairy’ had the best response to a little boy with bad teeth

There you have it – even the tooth fairy wants value for money!

Development & Behaviour

The perfect game for a child struggling with their emotions

Emotions can be very big when your kids are very small. This game helps them understand what they're feeling and how to manage them.


3-year-old boy plays outside for first time this year after bone marrow transplant

It was a special weekend for a 3-year-old boy who, for the first time in a year, could lie on the lawn, look at the sky, and laugh and play with one of his sisters, following a bone marrow transplant.


How to choose a car seat

A car seat is one of the non-negotiable items to get when you have a baby. Here's how to choose the best one for your baby.


Kim Kardashian: 'North can't wear make-up out until she's a pre-teen'

Kim Kardashian won’t let daughter North West wear make-up until she’s 12.


"I might be a bad mom, but I have a sweet, smart, well-mannered child"

Wheels24’s Janine Van der Post shares a shocking truth: She doesn’t have a set routine with her toddler. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.


WATCH: Feisty two-year-old has the internet in stitches with hilarious first-day-of-school rant

This two-year-old must be the most self-aware toddler on the planet.

Development & Behaviour

A great way to teach our kids about consent

Deanna Carson is an educator who runs Body Safety Australia which teaches children, from as early as their pre-school years, about consent.

Development & Behaviour

Stop yelling over spilt milk! Science explains why your kids are so clumsy

Even parents have their blind spots. Science explains the reason your child keeps on spilling when it comes to meal time.

Development & Behaviour

Finding it hard to get your tech-savvy child to pick up a book?

Well, get off your phone and follow these tips to help your child to develop a love for reading.


11 reasons why you'll love PlayKids!

PlayKids, the nr 1 app for kids, is available in South Africa! Download it for screentime you can trust.


Help your child build bulletproof self-esteem with these children's books

We've compiled a list of books to help prepare your little one for life's challenges.

Development & Behaviour

11 games to play with your preschooler to boost math skills

Give your toddler a mathematical edge with these brain boosting games.

Development & Behaviour

"My friend went to get her son so he could eat and he wasn't there"

'He came running back from the parking lot and said he had just gone with his friend to go look at his friend's car! So scary!'

Development & Behaviour

Should academics replace play in preschool?

A former teacher and father of 3 questions whether the amount of academic work done by preschoolers is healthy for development.


Book review: The Detective Dog

This new book from the wonderful Julia Donaldson is a lovely romp with a mystery to solve.

Development & Behaviour

Ramadaan activities: The Good Deed Jar

Just because your kids are too young to fast doesn't mean they can't get into the spirit of Ramadaan.
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