• Toddlers seem to be magnets for dangerous situations. Take note of these tips and keep your child safe.
  • In the Kitchen

    1. Watch out for dangling toaster or kettle chords. Always make sure they're out of reach.

    2. Always turn cooking pot handles in to avoid little hands grabbing them.

    3. Put locks on the cupboards where your cleaning fluids and household chemicals are kept.

    4. Keep plastic bags in a drawer or cupboard that your toddler can't reach or open.

    5. Be sure to put a latch or lock on the fridge. You don't want your toddler climbing into it.
  • In the bathroom

    1. It's recommended that you never leave your toddler alone in the bath.

    2. Invest in a thermometer for the bath. Make sure your that the water is between 37°C and 38°C.

    3. Keep a lock on the toilet to ensure that your toddler doesn't dip their hands into the dirty water.

    4. Make sure your medicine cabinet is locked and out of reach.

    5. Be sure that toilet sprays, shampoos and conditioners are out of reach.
  • In the bedroom

    1. Don't place your toddlers crib or bed directly under a window.

    2. If there are blinds in your toddler's room, make sure that they can't reach the cords.

    3. Remove locks from wardrobes so that your toddler can't lock themselves inside.

    4. Little fingers can easily fit into plug holes so always keep them covered!

    5. Never leave paints where toddlers can reach them and possibly ingest them.
  • In the backyard

    1. Gardening and household tools should always be locked away when they're not being used.

    2. Always keep grass short so that rocks, glass or dangerous animals (like snakes) are visible.

    3. If you have a pool, always keep it covered and never leave your child alone in the yard.

    4. Fill any holes that your toddler could fall into when playing outside.

    5. If you have pets, be sure that they are comfortable around children.
  • Around the house

    1. Does your home have stairs? Put a gate at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

    2. If your dining table has a tablecloth on it, make sure it's weighted or secured.

    3. Keep any breakable ornaments out of reach.

    4. Make sure that matches or lighters are not accessible. Keep them high up or locked away.

    5. Be sure to mop up any spills as soon as they happen.