Is your child being bullied? Here's how to check

This basic questionnaire helps to uncover the what, where, when and how of bullying at school.


Should my child learn a foreign language at school?

Learning a foreign language can be a major boost for your child's future career. Which one's the best option?


Readers respond: Why aren't our children reading well?

These readers share their thoughts around our kids' reading abilities, the education kids receive and the society we live in.


How mobile phones are disrupting teaching and learning in Africa

Gina Porter tells us why cellphones in school are not always a good thing.


Why aren't our children reading well?

Changes in the classroom have affected the basics. A psychologist examines what and why.


Should school uniforms have reflective strips?

Many of us have had near misses, braking suddenly when a school child runs in front of our car. Kim Norton is thinking of solutions to help protect our small children.


How to form a school lift club

We wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning so we can rush our children to school. Car-pooling is a solution that could bring about an easier, efficient and less stressful way of dealing with all this morning madness.


Iron deficiency impairs your brain

Iron is an important part of a growing child's diet and it could affect their brain development.


10 things you need to ask about your child’s after-school care

Because aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought.


Extramurals: Being selective isn't deprivation

Should children try out all extramurals? Is that part of their holistic development? Or could it all become too much?


Meeting myself in my pre-teen

Does seeing yourself in your child sometimes feel like karma?


What do extramurals cost in SA?

Feeling limited by the list of extracurriculars offered by your child's school? We look at the costs of dozens of options: from ballet and boxing to music and Mandarin.


"Mom, Donald Trump is a bully!"

Kids tell us what they think is 'presidential' about Donald Trump.


Inside Out wins at the Oscars!

Have your kids seen any of this year's Oscar nominated animated films?


Do you check the age ratings on video games?

We explain the PEGI ratings that parents should check for on the games their children play.


Steroids in school: is it a problem?

Have you heard first-hand of boys taking steroids at school?

Positive Parenting

How do you talk about Mr President in front of your children?

We may think we’re unique as South Africans, but nations across the world, throughout all the ages, have had leaders they didn’t agree with much. The question is, how much of this do we allow to filter through to our children? And in what way?


Is your child a dreamer? Read here

There's nothing wrong with a child daydreaming. But when his performance at school starts to drop seriously, it's time to take action, writes this mom.


Does my child need a learner facilitator?

What is a learner facilitator, when do you need one, how much does it cost? Your questions answered.


Should children go to spas?

Spoilt brats or nurtured souls–what do you think of children who attend beauty spas?
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