Forced to parent from afarBeing a parent can be tough when you are not physically present.
Unexpected happiness for parentsThe things that make you happy could be love, jokes, gifts and… finances?

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11 year old smashes Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Meredith may only be 11, but her voice is astonishingly powerful. Read More

Rabies infection in Gauteng

Rabies infection prompts vaccine drive in Roodepoort, Gauteng - children most at risk. Read More

Why I stopped sharing so much online

There comes a time when you might want to stop sharing every, little detail about your child. Read More

You're doing better than you think

Give yourself a break, your kids think you're doing a great job. Read More

8 things to say to your child about xenophobia

Kids may be wondering why xenophobia is in the news. Here are some tips on what to say. Read More

Using ‘white lies’ to protect your child

Will you do anything to protect your child, even if it means telling a little white lie? Read More

The going rate for pocket money

How much is fair and how do they spend it? Read More

7 reasons my kids make lousy housemates

Parents would never put up with an adult who practised the same domestic habits as kids. Read More

Textbooks versus tablets in the classroom

Weighing up the pros and cons of e-learning in South Africa's classrooms. Read More

Kid in pyjamas rocks Metallica on drums

6-year-old boy thrashes Metallica’s Enter Sandman on a drum kit. Read More

The humble brag

Are you guilty of giving the impression that you're a perfect parent to perfect kids? Read More


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