Forced to parent from afarBeing a parent can be tough when you are not physically present.
Unexpected happiness for parentsThe things that make you happy could be love, jokes, gifts and… finances?

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7 reasons my kids make lousy housemates

Parents would never put up with an adult who practised the same domestic habits as kids. Read More

Textbooks versus tablets in the classroom

Weighing up the pros and cons of e-learning in South Africa's classrooms. Read More

Kid in pyjamas rocks Metallica on drums

6-year-old boy thrashes Metallica’s Enter Sandman on a drum kit. Read More

The humble brag

Are you guilty of giving the impression that you're a perfect parent to perfect kids? Read More

5 lessons learned from 2 deaths

Adults and children process grief differently, as Janine Dunlop discovers. Read More

Father of ‘pet rock’ dies

Inventor of popular 70s craze dies regretting tongue-in-cheek creation. Read More

Canopy Treetop Easter egg hunt!

A fun and exciting way to take the kids Easter egg hunting. Read More

How to awaken your child’s inner genius

Unlock your children’s inner potential so that they can grow up to be highly fulfilled and achieving individuals. Read More

A school project derails The Guilt Train

Cath Jenkin discovers a refreshing way to chase away guilt over running out of time. Read More

Whose future are you saving for?

Saving for retirement and your children’s education: which comes first? Read More

5 tips for reconnecting with your kids

Godfrey Madanhire has some advice on maintaining family life around technology. Read More


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