4 worst types of pre-school parentsFind out if you’re the parent stressing your child’s pre-school teacher out.
Child geniuses from around the worldIs your child gifted? Here's how to spot a child genius.

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Good and bad days

Catherine Jenkin has 3 tips for getting over life's bumps successfully. Read More

How to encourage your child to communicate

Communicating with your child is not always easy. Here are a few helpful tips. Read More

‘I’ll hunt you down and kill you... on Facebook’

How to respect your online community and avoid prison (or embarrassment). Read More

Forced to parent from afar

Being a parent can be tough when you are not physically present. Read More

An open letter to primary school teachers

Working parents need a heads up when it comes to school projects. Read More

4 ways kids rate parents

Your child will offer the most honest critique of your parenting, writes Sipho Yanano. Read More

On changing schools

A change is as good as, well, no, it’s not good, it’s hard. Read More

Every maths lesson, ever [hilarious video]

This is exactly what maths classes feel like for some kids- can you relate? Read More

Chess helps kids do better in school

Shaping young minds, once piece at a time. Read More

Back to school 2015 in pictures!

Send in your first day at school or back to school snaps and share in the fun! Read More


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