4 worst types of pre-school parentsFind out if you’re the parent stressing your child’s pre-school teacher out.
Child geniuses from around the worldIs your child gifted? Here's how to spot a child genius.

Development & Behaviour

Why are there so many absent fathers?

Dads who abandon their children do them a terrible disservice. Read More

Child-friendly weddings

Should children be allowed at weddings? This dad thinks so. Read More

Enhance learning at home

Practical ways to enhance your kid's learning with things found at home. Read More

'Teachers get too many holidays!'

“You teachers are lucky you have so many holidays, I wish I had your job” Read More

Confessions of a soon-to-be step-mom

Karen realises that joining a blended family sometimes means taking baby steps. Read More

I will effing swear if I want to!

From blood to body parts - why should swearing be banned? Read More

When discipline goes too far

We want the best for our kids, but can discipline cause more harm than good? Read More

Children have no manners

Do you think it's appropriate for children to call adults by their first names? Read More

'Keep child porn comics' says Japan

Japan bans images and video involving real kids but insists that explicit comics remain. Read More

Teaching critical thinking to kids

“Mom, Casey said Lady Gaga is evil. Is that true?” Read More

An imperfect father, but the only one I had

Only memories of childhood can restore my respect for my father, writes Scott Dunlop. Read More


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