Health & Safety

When a medical diagnosis rocks your world

How do you deal with bad news about your child's health?

Health & Safety

Should stick figure family decals be banned?

Has society become far too paranoid or is your family really in danger?

Health & Safety

7 deadly (and stupid) things I did for fun as a child

Scott Dunlop wonders if his childhood was normal or a daily dice with death.

Health & Safety

How prepared are you for the sex talk?

Children of today seem to be discovering information about sex from a much younger age.

Health & Safety

Girls’ swimsuits banned

Canadian city bans mermaid costumes from all pools citing safety risks.

Health & Safety

Free-range vs helicopter parenting

Would you let your kid walk home from the park alone?

Health & Safety

‘My kids aren’t ready for social media’

Janine Dunlop reveals her fears about allowing her kids free rein on the internet.

Health & Safety

Iron Man presents kid with bionic arm

Robert Downey Jr hands over bionic arm to 7-year-old boy born with missing limb.

Health & Safety

Sibling violence on the increase

Overburdened older siblings may resort to bullying, child counsellor suggests.
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