4 worst types of pre-school parentsFind out if you’re the parent stressing your child’s pre-school teacher out.
Child geniuses from around the worldIs your child gifted? Here's how to spot a child genius.

Health & Safety

Dad wants unvaccinated kids banned from school

Father of a boy who has leukaemia fears for his son's life. Read More

Blue bottles and blue bottle stings

Prevention and treatment of blue bottle stings. Read More

Child who refused chemotherapy dies

Canada: 11-year-old Makayla Sault who chose indigenous medicine over chemotherapy has died. Read More

Snakes and snakebites

A resource for South African parents. Read More

'Deadly' trampolines

UK study claims half the ER visits from kids result from trampoline injuries. Read More

Dad busts child porn group

Dad reads 12-year-old daughter’s email and uncovers child porn syndicate. Read More

The 9-year-old supermodel?

Young girl model gets creepy comments from grown men on social media. Read More

Surprise! Dave Grohl is just a regular parent

Watch the Foo Fighters lead singer describe his daily parenting routine. Read More

Boy with toy gun shot dead by cops [VIDEO]

12-year-old boy shot dead by cops after holding BB gun at playground. [Warning, graphic] Read More

Jamie Oliver’s chilli ‘torture’ for kids

Celebrity chef labelled a “dickhead” for disciplining his kids with a super-hot chilli. Read More

Mom throws son off bridge

US Woman arrested after throwing son off a bridge and calling 911. [WITH VIDEO] Read More


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