Forced to parent from afarBeing a parent can be tough when you are not physically present.
Unexpected happiness for parentsThe things that make you happy could be love, jokes, gifts and… finances?

Health & Safety

Girls’ swimsuits banned

Canadian city bans mermaid costumes from all pools citing safety risks. Read More

Free-range vs helicopter parenting

Would you let your kid walk home from the park alone? Read More

‘My kids aren’t ready for social media’

Janine Dunlop reveals her fears about allowing her kids free rein on the internet. Read More

Iron Man presents kid with bionic arm

Robert Downey Jr hands over bionic arm to 7-year-old boy born with missing limb. Read More

Sibling violence on the increase

Overburdened older siblings may resort to bullying, child counsellor suggests. Read More

Kid run down by truck during game survives!

Truck hits child playing chicken in heart-stopping dashcam video (the child survives!). Read More

Does my child read too much?

Cath Jenkin has the best problem a parent could ask for - her child loves to read. Read More

Dad wants unvaccinated kids banned from school

Father of a boy who has leukaemia fears for his son's life. Read More

Blue bottles and blue bottle stings

Prevention and treatment of blue bottle stings. Read More

Child who refused chemotherapy dies

Canada: 11-year-old Makayla Sault who chose indigenous medicine over chemotherapy has died. Read More

Snakes and snakebites

A resource for South African parents. Read More


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