4 worst types of pre-school parentsFind out if you’re the parent stressing your child’s pre-school teacher out.
Child geniuses from around the worldIs your child gifted? Here's how to spot a child genius.

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Dad draws on kid's lunch bags

Kid gets amazing drawings on his lunch bag every day. Read More

Single child guilt

Do you feel guilty for having only one child? Read More

'I can't connect with my daughter'

The birth of a child is usually a joyous moment but not for this mother. Read More

The GMO choice: what I choose to feed my children

A concerned parent weighs in on the genetically modified food debate. Read More

5 principles of parenting

Need a little extra parenting advice to help you through the day? This is what you need. Read More

An anti-bullying video game that will blow you away

It's not only beautiful but it sends a great message. Read More

1 man, 11 partners, 30 kids

Prolific father finds it impossible to keep up with maintenance costs for 30 kids. Read More

Helping SA children reach their potential, one breakfast at a time

Helping SA children reach their potential, one breakfast at a time Read More

Parents overdose on heroin in McDonald’s play area

US couple has to be revived after shooting up heroin in a McDonald’s play area. Read More

Packing the ultimate lunchbox with Zespri Kiwifruit

Use this quick tipsheet to get the most nutritious lunchbox packed for your child. Read More

9 healthy lunchbox tips

What are you putting in your child's lunchbox? Make healthy choices for your child this School Health Week. Read More


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