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Girl disqualified from soccer tournament for looking like a boy

World famous soccer stars come out in support of a young girl who was disqualified for having short hair.


How the #MenAreTrash movement is affecting my son

Natasha Marais talks about what the #menaretrash hashtag means to her as the mom of a boy.


Video games: how to explain the good and bad to a 9-year-old

The debate around video games seems endless. Researchers weigh up the pros and cons by answering a 9-year-old's query.


Celebrate Child Protection Week by doing something great

South Africans, here's what you can do for National Child Protection Week, and every day after.


Popular culture: 5 ways you can direct its influence on your kids

Research found that children spend an average of 15.5 hours per week consuming media. What is that media telling your children?


Our readers respond to YDE's sexy store ads

See how our readers feel about sexy store ads in public spaces.


From naughty nudes in mall ads to R2300 for bum masks

These are our top lifestyle stories you should read before this weekend comes to a close.


Provocative store ads: should retailers practise more caution?

Are certain shopfront ads a little too audacious for a place like shopping malls? Shouldn't mall storefronts be more family orientated than X-rated?


Clearing out the childhood

Watching your children enter a new phase of their lives is both frightening and amazing.


New app gives parents remote control of their kids devices

Google's new Family Link app allows parents a high level of access and control to their children's cellphones.


Is immunisations without written consent legal?

A dad wonders if the Department of Health is allowed to vaccinate his child without his consent. See what they have to say.


5 ways to prevent your child from becoming lazy

Here's how to help your kids not to develop this nasty habit.


Bullying: "It's the teachers' responsibility"

Our readers respond to the bullying incident at a Western Cape school.


Bullying: What more can we do to stop violence in our schools?

Do we only realise just how severe bullying is once a child has to undergo reconstructive surgery after being assaulted? When will we put a stop to this?


We have a vaccine for six cancers; why are less than half of kids getting it?

There is a vaccine that keeps the risk of developing six Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers at bay, but adoption of it has been slow and surprising low.


Raise a money smart child

You don’t have to be Warren Buffet to raise a money savvy child, but it does help to start laying the foundations now.


6 Dangerous myths about bullying

Don't be the parent or teacher who believes these clichés about school bullying.


You respond: Does your child get pocket money?

We recently asked our Facebook community if their kids get pocket money. See some of the responses below.


Kids Need To Know The Fundamentals On How To Save Water

How you and your kids can help conserve our water supply throughout this drought-stricken period.


Coping without your domestic during the holidays

It is that time of year were we need to start preparing ourselves to cope without our faithful and helpful domestic workers.
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