Bullied My Little Pony boy attempts suicide
11-year-old My Little Pony fan critical after suicide attempt due to bullying.
Image: via Michael Morones GoFundMe page

The tragic story of My Little Pony fan Michael Morones is spreading across the world: the 11-year-old US boy has reportedly attempted suicide after being repeatedly mocked and bullied for his avid interest in the TV show ‘My Little Pony’. Now, according to Mashable, Bronies are rallying to raise his medical costs and advocate against bullying.

Michael, according to his step-dad, has ADHD, and his passion for the programme, especially the hyperactive horse character, Pinkie Pie, allowed him to express his creative energy. He’d wear MYP t-shirts and merchandise to school. Unfortunately, this led to months of bullying, taunts that he was “gay” and his panicked response- to try and hang himself.

Now he has likely suffered brain damage and can’t breathe on his own. Doctors attending suggest that if he wakes up he may be blind.

Fans to the rescue?

There’s a massive following for My Little Pony. Adult fans have formed a Brony community. Although this has attracted criticism in the past, the Brony community has rallied to Michael’s aid. Between them and other compassionate people, over $50 000 has been raised to pay towards the boy’s medical care.

"I want to kill myself"
Who to call

Words like stones

Whether or not the poor kid will ever recover is unknown, but it remains that many children find it acceptable to label other kids. Being young, they probably hadn’t anticipated the possible outcome of calling Michael “gay”, but he was apparently such an upbeat child that nobody realised that he was internalising his distress.

It is an unusual passion Michael has, and the other kids may not have understood it, but he certainly did not deserve to be on the receiving end of constant vitriol.

Bullying is often limited, in people’s minds, to blatant acts of physical intimidation or violence, but this story goes to show that words can be just as brutal. Insults, mockery and verbal intimidation can be confusing, especially when aimed at an individual that is merely expressing an interest in something. If he'd been interested in Ben10, for example, chances are he'd have escaped the cruelty.

The only positive side to this is the outpouring of support online for Michael and his family.

Do you teach your kids to use kind words?

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