Daddy, why did you shag my aunt?
Your own better decisions will help your kids to appreciate better values.
I’d really like to be a fly on the wall when Ryan Giggs has to answer that question one day. I’m a big fan of the man and of-course my beloved Manchester United. The media is flooded with accolades about Giggs on the eve the Champions league decider against Real Madrid. Every article I came across rambled on about what an amazing footballer he is, how he maintains his fitness regime at the age of 39 etc, etc. Even Sir Alex referred to him as an “amazing human being.” Interestingly the European papers don’t allude to his major cock up, when not so long ago it came to light that he had been servicing his brother’s wife for quite a while.

The bad judgement of mortals

Here’s the thing, does showing incredibly bad judgement and moral fibre in one area of your life, make you a stinker in general? Do all our heroes have feet of clay? Are we to expect it as the norm these days? Look at Lance, Tiger, and even closer to home, our very own Blade Runner.

Sporting heroes are easy to love. They embody our passion, our flair, our competitive edge. We are unable to resist jumping up and cheering their name as they do what they do best and we feel our own spirit merge with theirs as the goal is rifled into to the net, or the wheels cross the finish line in a blur… But what do we do when their personal life discloses a side to them that would definitely not have us as parents wanting them anywhere near our beloved daughters (in my case), or kids in general.

It’s a tough one. Though judging from the comments on some of the sites, Mr. Giggs and company are nothing less than pond scum and their sporting achievements count for nothing. A tad harsh in my opinion.

Which is why I think you and I should be our kid’s first, last and only real heroes. Their morals, values and all those good stuff should be instilled by you, and should always be measured against you. So that when their sporting heroes let them down, they should be able to say, “Well he’s not my dad, or mom, so I’m hardly surprised.”

Before you start bleating at the simplicity of that statement, let me remind you that for kids it really is that simple. Put yourself in Giggs’ or Tiger’s shoes and having to explain your indiscretion to your kids and then having your kid try and process those delightful images together with his hero-worship of you?

They won’t be the last fallen heroes either, there’s bound to be lots more… However, as long as you and I as parents strive to be our kids’ only real role models, who cares what these over-paid, highly talented, highly entertaining mere mortals get up to?  Having said that, come on Giggsy, let’s show Real Madrid the door! Forgive and forget and all that, you know!

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Do you forgive public figures when they screw up?

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