Paedophilia 'not a criminal condition'
Marlon Abrahams reacts to local cardinal's paedophilia comments.
"Paedophilia is an illness, not a criminal condition": South African Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier uttered this incredulous statement during a BBC radio interview recently while the entire Christian universe was focused on the goings on surrounding the newly elected Pope.  I heard the story on the radio in the car on my way to drop off Maddison and I was stunned. One assumes that a person holding such an important position in society would remove his head from his posterior before making such an unbelievable statement.

Loss of logic?

According to News24 “Napier told the BBC that people who were themselves abused as children and then abused others needed to be examined by doctors.” He went on to say: "If I - as a normal being - choose to break the law, knowing that I'm breaking the law, then I think I need to be punished."

So he is implying that these deviants who prey on innocent children and who themselves have been abused, have somehow lost the ability to realise that what they are doing is wrong? Yet they are apparently quite capable of knowing that they should not share their deviant behaviour, or in-fact that the rest of society frowns upon it.

The argument is so insane, even more so coming from the office he represents, because if you apply that logic, you could say that someone who was assaulted and commits assault is not liable for their actions, same would go for rape, or even someone who witnessed a murder.

Everyone who was done in in some way is from here on in exonerated from committing the same crime, because well, Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier thinks they are suffering from a psychological condition and are not criminals.

Cardinal, pray to your God for wisdom boet, cos you ain’t got a damned clue! I’m listening to this horse manure coming out of the car radio and looking at Maddi thinking to myself , it’s no wonder the Catholic church is losing followers. How can an institution that preaches celibacy even begin to understand the very real dynamics of raising and protecting children, never mind the intricacies of actual real life relationships?

I wondered how he would react if his child was a victim of paedophilia, if he would tell his precious little girl or boy “there, there, you must forgive the perpetrator ‘cos he’s not bad he's just sick in the head.” God help us all if this is the intelligence leading the church!

Do you agree with Marlon?

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