All kids have ‘porn on the brain’Documentary exposes the reach of pornography amongst teenagers.
How to avoid life’s greatest regretWatching this will make you want to hug everyone you love most.

Health & Safety

Sick child ‘Iron Max’, gets his flying wish

Boy with rare disease is given an amazing chance to fly like his superhero Iron Man. Read More

The worst advice about stranger danger

This is what happens when you let kids make a public service announcement. Read More

Alcohol robbed me of a mother

We speak to a young woman who shares her pain of growing up with an alcoholic mother . Read More

Are sexy dance moves okay for kids?

Would you approve of your daughter performing these inappropriate dance moves? Read More

Mom, 21, slept with 8-year-old boy 50 times

UK paedophile mom sentenced to 2 years jail time for 2 year relationship with boy. Read More

Missing cat app aims to stop the tears

Cat owners find your lost cats with this Facebook app. Read More

Six-year-old boy stabbed at school

School refuses to call emergency services after boy,6, impaled on pencil. Read More

Moms threatens school bully

Is it right for parents to threaten the children who bully their kids? Read More

Teacher tapes kids’ mouths shut

Art teacher tapes the mouths shut of entire class of giggling 10 year olds. Read More

9-year-old boy hanged in classroom

Shocked classmates watch as boy accidentally hangs himself inside classroom. Read More


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