4 worst types of pre-school parentsFind out if you’re the parent stressing your child’s pre-school teacher out.
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Health & Safety

What NOT to give to a little girl (and what you should)

Well-meaning local throws community into a panic with disturbing doll gifts. Read More

4 heroic pets who saved the day

These animals are more than just furry companions, they're heroes! Read More

Terrifying road safety video opts for gruesome warning

Frightening road Safety PSA opts for appalling metaphor to achieve shock effect. Read More

How One Direction helped me with drugs

Boy band’s latest scandal provides an unusual opportunity to parent. Read More

Mom arrested after confronting daughter’s bully

Mother who grabbed her daughter’s ‘tormentor’ at school faces child abuse charges. Read More

Little girl helps track down 1000 sexual predators

Children as young as 6 years old are being forced to perform sexual acts online. Read More

Every kid can learn from this video on child abuse

Watch this cartoon designed to teach your child about the dangers of child abuse. Read More

7-year-old boy dies in petrol ‘prank’

Scottish boy dies after allegedly being doused in petrol and set alight by friends. Read More

Sick child ‘Iron Max’, gets his flying wish

Boy with rare disease is given an amazing chance to fly like his superhero Iron Man. Read More

The worst advice about stranger danger

This is what happens when you let kids make a public service announcement. Read More

Alcohol robbed me of a mother

We speak to a young woman who shares her pain of growing up with an alcoholic mother . Read More


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