Teen (13-18)



Letting your kids pursue a creative path isn't the worst thing in the world

In a constantly evolving world, letting your creative child do what they love may not be such a bad thing.


Expert advice for helping your challenging teen

Learn how to properly deal with your teenager.


Schools turning into violent playgrounds

Education MEC warns of tough action as clashes get out of hand.


Dear tween me, let’s talk about your period, sweetie

No one ever sat me down and had the period talk with me. Well, not until it was too late. Here are a few things I wish were discussed with me before I got my period, and a few relatable memes of exactly what it feels like when you "become a lady".


Is your teen losing sleep? Get them to spend more time with the family

It turns out you can actually lose sleep over people as research reveals that the quality of our relationships affects the way we sleep at night.


Dear student, your social post could cost you a university placement or job one day

A useful reminder from your career counsellor to be mindful of what you post online: it may negatively impact you in the future.


How the smartphone affected an entire generation of kids

New research is putting the first generation of kids to grow up with the smartphone into sharp focus.


Is your teen plagued by excessive sweating?

We take a look at the largely unknown condition Hyperhidrosis, a disorder which causes sufferers to sweat up to 5 times more than usual.


INFOGRAPHIC: A day in the life of the app-addicted teen

Ever wondered what life is like for the average teen with a smartphone? Here's a look.


Shocking footage of cheerleaders forced to perform splits has led to police investigation

US high school East High in Denver, Colorado is under fire following the release of unsettling video footage of a vicious coaching technique.


We need to take teenage heartbreak more seriously

Breaking up and breaking down: research reveals that breakups can be just as damaging on teenagers as it is on adults.


This woman became a real-life doll to combat bullying

“If you feel awesome then you are awesome.”


Why we still need Harry Potter in 2017

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has an "inexhaustible magic" that we may very well need to combat society's ongoing intolerance of difference.


Disney encourages girls to dream big

Disney's new #DreamBigPrincess photographic campaign inspires and empowers young girls to reach for their dreams


Bullying and suicide: What’s the connection?

In the wake of the recent sentencing of Michelle Carter, the girl convicted of manslaughter for her role in the suicide of boyfriend Conrad Roy III, this researcher's findings could be a huge help in understanding bullying as detrimental to both perpetrator and victim.


Parent's guide: Making Snapchat safer for your kids

Do your kids use Snapchat? Here's a quick guide on privacy settings to discuss with them.


How empathy can make or break a troll

Teaching your teens how to deal with trolls online is a valuable skill.


Don't expel drug users from schools, help them instead

It’s Drug Awareness Week in South Africa, and non-profit counselling centre Hope House is raising awareness around drug use by children and teens.


Is your child hearing voices? Don't panic, it's common

Two researchers from Manchester, UK are conducting research into children who experience hearing voices, and they're finding that it is surprisingly common and the voices can often be supportive.


Step back! How to help your child become an adult

Many parents don't give their kids the opportunity to learn how to be adults. Here's how you can teach your kids some independence.


The Man Up campaign: promoting voluntary medical male circumcision

South African celebs promote the Man Up campaign to raise awareness around male circumcision for National Men’s Health Month.

High school

Can Hollywood movies teach teenagers about history?

Or are they a waste of time? A researcher investigates.


Sex education: Why are our teen girls still being shamed?

Girls keep hearing at school about how they need to say no to sex or bear the consequences (alone and in shame). What if the girls don't have a choice? What if they make a mistake? What about the boys and consequences? And what says the law?


Parent's guide: Making Instagram safer for your kids

Kids as young as 13 are regular Instagram users. Here's how to keep it teen-friendly.


When your teen joins the protest march

What do you do when your teen wants to join a protest march? Kate Sidley's matric daughter went to the #feesmustfall Union Buildings march. Here she remembers the day.
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