Win a year's subscription to the Mysmartkid programme!The Smartbox filled with age-appropriate toys, tools and activities as well as expert advice for children from before birth to 6 years.
5 tips for parents on Youtube safetyHow to keep your kids safe on the world’s most popular video-sharing medium.

Care & Nutrition

The end of shotgun parenting

If you need to threaten your child’s love interest, you’re doing it wrong. Read More

‘Hi, I hope I didn’t wake you…’

An imaginary phone call with a long lost loved one. Read More

Teach your teen son how to shave

A step-by-step guide to shaving for teens and young men. Read More

'I use a sock as a sanitary pad'

Poverty forces learner to miss school or resort to extreme measures during her period. Read More

Malala Yousafzai, teen hero

Meet the world’s youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Read More

Teen punished for sharing lunch

13-year-old boy receives detention for sharing his lunch with a fellow student. Read More

Teen instruction video solves astounding mystery

Dad’s instruction video for teens will change their lives forever. Read More

Are teenagers right to call for a lower drinking age?

Almost half of South Africa’s teenagers would like to lower the legal drinking age below 18, but is there a case for it? Read More

Amazing teacher donates kidney to sick pupil

Super-teacher undergoes kidney transplant for seriously-ill pupil. Read More

Teen dad drowns in shopping trolley game

Young dad drowns after being tied to a shopping trolley and pulled into a lake. Read More

12-year-old girl wins stinky shoe contest

Many kids go through a stinky shoe phase, but not many can claim to have won a prize! Read More


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