Does your school have an effective anti-bullying strategy?

How does your child's school work to curb and deal with bullying? In what way is it effective? Share the system and procedures to help other headmasters, teachers and governing bodies formulate better strategies in their schools too.


'Mom, Dad – I'm pregnant!'

Your daughter is pregnant, what now?


The great teen biker debate

Would you allow your teen to get a motorbike?


Spotlight: Teen suicide - How to cope

After suffering the loss of a teen, friends and families are shattered and often battle with unanswered questions and getting to grips with what's happened.


Spotlight: Teen suicide - What to look out for

Being able to identify warning signs and knowing what needs to be done could be a matter of life or death.


Spotlight: Teen suicide - 6 things parents need to know

Teen suicide increasingly affects many families. Educating yourself could be a matter of life or death.


"I am horrified at the new proposal to amend the liquor policy!"

Following the debate about whether or not schools should serve alcohol to those of age at school functions, a Parent24 reader responds...


Prepare your teen for leaving home

Too often our teens leave home only to fail to launch on their own. Give your young adult the necessary life skills and support with life coach and former teacher Godfrey Madanhire's tips.


Facebook and risky sex among teens: an HIV nightmare

There is a link between online social networking technologies and increased risky sexual behaviour.


Which gap year option is right for my child?

We help your child choose the best option for a fun, meaningful gap year.


Why adult children stay at home: looking beyond the myths of kidults, kippers and gestaters

The stereotype of a dependent generation who won’t leave home overlooks the many reasons adult family members choose to live together in the one house.


Why teen brains need later school start time

Morning routines have always been more of a struggle for parents with teenage kids. Could a later start to a teen's day be a solution to this ongoing problem?


Think looking after turtles in Costa Rica for three weeks is good for your CV? Think again

It's time to recognise the difference between "deep"and "shallow' volunteering.


How to tell if your teen is an underage drinker

The dangers of underage drinking cannot be overstated and parents are advised to look out for behaviour that may be indicative of their teenagers consuming alcohol.


When your teen joins the protest march

What do you do when your matric daughter wants to join the #feesmustfall protest march? Kate Sidley's daughter went to the Union Buildings march last year this time. Here she remembers the day.


Should schools be allowed to sell alcohol to adults at functions?

How do you feel about alcohol at school functions?


Positive discipline for your teen

Disciplining a teen is tricky to get right, especially if they still trying to figure out their own identity.


Help! I was cyber bullied!

A clinical psychologist responds to a Matric learner who has been cyber bullied.


Malia hits back at internet trolls

A few weeks ago, Malia Obama was at the centre of an internet tug o' war – some were chastising her for smoking and others were defending her.


What's your school's policy on hair?

School hair policy should be inclusive of everyone. Here's what different school's hair policies look like around the country.


#bullyingmustfall: 33 more parents weigh in

We had an overwhelming response to our story about bullying at a Cape Town school. Here's a round-up of your letters.


"Parents of bullies should be held accountable too!"

Parent24 readers share their thoughts on the bullying incident at a top school.


Teen bullied for allegedly not paying "protection money" at top school

An angry mom shared a video clip of her teen son being assaulted by six pupils. She's appealing to parents to help stop the scourge of bullying at schools.
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