Funny family comebacks
Comebacks for parents and kids.

Kids are cheeky and parents are annoying but sometimes the things they say are pretty funny.

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Here are a few witty comebacks from both parents and children:

On bad singing

KID: Mom, who sings that song?

MOM: Lady Gaga.

KID: Let's keep it that way.


KID: I'm bored.

PARENT: You're not bored, you're boring.

Need money?

PARENT: Money doesn't grow on trees!

KID: Well that's why I'm asking you.

Still bored?

KID: I'm bored

PARENT: Oh good you can help me clean the house.

Those 3 words

KID: I hate you!

PARENT: That's okay I love you enough for both of us.

Tough love

KID: It's not fair!

PARENT: Well who says life is fair? Where is that written?

The ultimate defeat

PARENT: Eat your food!

KID: I don't like it.

PARENT: Why not? What's wrong with it?

KID: It doesn't taste like Granny's.

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