Internet safety for schoolsThe increase in technical advancement in schools has sparked a massive debate with regards to the internet.
Are SA students spoilt rotten?Children who receive for financial aid from their parents get worse grades at university.

Development & Behaviour

Sex pests whistle at their own moms! [watch]

Social experiment shows how moms are fighting back against offensive behaviour. Read More

Twerking teen falls out of moving car

Hilarious fall leaves twerking teen only slightly hurt. Read More

Meet the first Mitchell's Plain school with a 100% matric pass rate

Mitchell’s Plain school celebrates ground-breaking achievement. Read More

Matric Results in PICTURES

Matrics across SA are celebrating this great achievement! Read More

Matric Results 2015

Find out how the matrics across the nation are feeling about their results. Read More

5 ways to access matric results

Get your teen's matric results quickly and easily in a number of different ways. Read More

Scottish teen turns into overnight radio star

A single video upload makes teenager instant radio star. Read More

Teen’s ‘cute’ mugshot goes viral

Arrested teen Tweets that she thinks she looks cute in her police ‘portrait’. Read More

5 tips for parents on Youtube safety

How to keep your kids safe on the world’s most popular video-sharing medium. Read More

Kid's table tennis rage caught on video

Boy losing at table tennis shoves umpire in classic case of ‘what not to do when you lose’. Read More

Life lessons from movies

Janine shares what her son learned from classic movies. Read More


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