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Are SA students spoilt rotten?Children who receive for financial aid from their parents get worse grades at university.

Health & Safety

5 tips on avoiding parasitic worms

Mom fed daughter tapeworm eggs bizarre effort to ‘make her skinnier’. Read More

Chilling anti-texting ad has a powerful message

Texting while driving is extremely hazardous, as shown in this heart-rending PSA. Read More

Hurting myself makes me feel better

Self harm amongst teens is common and dealing with it as a parent can be very hard, but there is help. Read More

Dog saves deaf boy from burning house

A young deaf boy had his life saved by their family pitbull. Read More

Caffeine powder overload kills teen

Teen dies after ingesting toxic amounts of caffeine powder. Read More

In defence of ritual circumcision

Parent24 asks a reader why kids choose ritual circumcision despite knowing the risks. Read More

Couple tattoo rude word on 12-year-old girl

Underage girl tattooed with rude word while staying over at friend’s house. Read More

Hilariously awkward 'first period' commercial

Puberty is awkward enough without First Moon Parties and 'vagicians'. Read More

Teen's death selfie

The craving for risky photos of themselves is killing some young people. Read More

Sex teens in balcony death plunge

Teen couple fall from 6th floor balcony after allegedly trying to have sex on railing. Read More

Local boy dies in ‘science experiment’ explosion

14-year-old boy killed in house fire after attempting dangerous experiment. Read More


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