5 tips for parents on Youtube safetyHow to keep your kids safe on the world’s most popular video-sharing medium.
5 dramatic stories of life, death and seat beltsTragedy strikes on our roads- our readers share stories of death and preservation.

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Why Pilates is perfect for teens

Pilates can make positive mental and physical changes in your teen's life. Read More

Teen fights off alleged sex attacker [VIDEO]

13-year-old girl’s escape after attacker followed her home caught on CCTV. Read More

Mom tells cops to arrest 10-year-old son

What would you do if your child is heading for problems with the law? Read More

Teen secrets, confessed

Teens are confessing their deepest thoughts on ‘secret’ websites. Read More

Don't let loadshedding stop your teen from studying

Take a look at these handy lanterns that can light your child's way when they have a deadline. Read More

How to talk about sex

Not sure how to start a sex talk with teens? Tracy Engelbrecht offers 14 vital questions. Read More

A kid called ‘gay’

So-called ‘empty’ words can leave lasting scars, says Scott Dunlop. Read More

Highs and lows of swimsuit selfies

Are swimsuit selfies inappropriate for teen girls? Read More

‘Cut for Zayn’ suicide watch

One Direction split sends social media into alleged ‘suicide watch’ as teens cut themselves. Read More

Tragic teen begs for lethal injection

Girl’s plea to die leads to massive online response and slightly encouraging news. Read More

Teen takes selfie every day for 6.5 years

Girl documents her personal battles to create amazing video of her teen years. Read More


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