Tips to help with your teen's career indecisionHow to help your teen decide on a career path.
Overprotective dads going too far?Maybe dads need to chill a bit when it comes to their daughters having guy friends.

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12-year-old girl wins stinky shoe contest

Many kids go through a stinky shoe phase, but not many can claim to have won a prize! Read More

The most powerful movie you’ll never see

One man’s desperate plea to create his late son’s Facebook video goes viral. Read More

Google's porn breakthrough

Internet giant Google set to introduce changes, block explicit search results. Read More

Loans for Matric dances?

Parents complain that their Grade 12 kids have excessive Matric dance demands. Read More

VIDEO: Teacher caught slapping student

A Japanese teacher was caught on video slapping a student 13 times in only a few seconds. Read More

'Your father wanted you dead'

Are unwanted children a threat to their father's freedom? Read More

Teens filming sex

Why are teens filming each other having sex and sharing the videos? Read More

Pregnant boys in controversial ad

Shocking safe-sex advert aims to lower teen pregnancies. Read More

Life advice for kids

Real parents share the important life advice every child should know. Read More

The most disturbing anti-drug PSA

The grainy footage, the creepy song – everything about this public service announcement is awful. Read More

Give teen moms another chance

Should parents take more responsibility when their teens fall pregnant? Read More


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