5 tips for parents on Youtube safetyHow to keep your kids safe on the world’s most popular video-sharing medium.
5 dramatic stories of life, death and seat beltsTragedy strikes on our roads- our readers share stories of death and preservation.

Development & Behaviour

A song for mom

Did music help bring my mom out of a coma? Read More

Should you buy your teen a car?

Things to consider when helping your child choose the right car Read More

Back to board games

Tabletop game stores provide a platform for social interaction, making board games more and more popular Read More

Shedding light on Khayelitsha with Yoga

Earthchild Project make 26 yoga classes available to Khayelitsha schools. Read More

8 things my Dad told me that now make sense

Eight important pieces of advice from a dad to get you through adulthood Read More

6 true confessions of an au pair

What au pairs don't tell you. Read More

Talking about 'Dad bods' with Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues

Nic and Gareth elaborate on the new 'Dad bod' trend. Read More

3 basic social media guidelines

An ill-thought out status update has more power than your teen may realise. Read More

6 times teen sex is wrong

Huge age gaps, incest, teachers, unprotected sex and other no-go areas for teens. Read More

Strange teens and their freaky bodies

Some kids put their bodies to the test to see just how far they can go. Read More

South Peninsula principal undeterred by allegations

Controversial principal appears in court, denies all accusations against him. Read More


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