Are SA students spoilt rotten?Children who receive for financial aid from their parents get worse grades at university.
Internet safety for schoolsThe increase in technical advancement in schools has sparked a massive debate with regards to the internet.

Development & Behaviour

Selfie teen

Selfie-snapping teen caught on camera

This dad recorded his daughter taking selfies and it's painfully embarrassing. Read More

Brilliant chats between a teen and his grandma

Teen YouTuber records dozens of hilarious Vine chats with his grandma. Read More

Psycho dad shreds son’s video games [Explicit language]

Dad with a lawnmower decides it’s time his son stops gaming and gets a job. Read More

Genius parent creates app for annoyed parents

Parent creates app for annoyed parents of teenagers who often ignore their calls. Read More

Good news on girls' enrolment and achievement in SA schools

Encouraging news reported on girls' enrolment and achievement in South African schools. Read More

The best teacher we never had

Robin Williams’s role in Dead Poet’s Society transformed our ideas about educators. Read More

Natural disasters and the kids who create them

A natural disaster can leave a path of destruction, much like kids’ parties. Read More

Stephen Colbert has great advice for teen girls

The comic takes a second to be serious and gives some great advice for teen girls. Read More

Should your teen become a chartered accountant?

Long gone are the days where chartered accountants were destined to be number crunchers. Read More

Rich dads ditching trust funds

Wealthy parents are realising children may not benefit from instant wealth. Read More

Dad responds to 'loser' wanting to marry his daughter

"Marry that girl, I'm going to punch your face." Read More


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