5 tips for parents on Youtube safetyHow to keep your kids safe on the world’s most popular video-sharing medium.
5 dramatic stories of life, death and seat beltsTragedy strikes on our roads- our readers share stories of death and preservation.

Development & Behaviour

Dying dad gets to dance with daughters

‘I won’t be able to walk them down the aisle at their weddings, but… yes, I will get this.’ Read More

Disturbing ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ injures teens

Teens post snaps of disfigured faces after adopting challenge on social media. Read More

Parents who coach from the sidelines

Tips on how to be a better sporting parent. Read More

‘Send teen moms to an island’- a response

President Zuma’s dystopian vision of teen parenthood is incorrect, writes Scott Dunlop. Read More

Single-sex schools: good or bad?

Janine Dunlop investigates the pros and cons of girls’ and boys’ schools. Read More

Bullying story with a powerful twist

Take a closer look at this PSA to find out what often motivates bullies. Read More

Mom uncovers teen's shocking 'private' behaviour

A doting mom shares what teens really get up to behind the backs of their trusting parents. Read More

Shocking stats on teens and online sex revealed

Alarming percentage of school kids exposed to sexual content online, survey reveals. Read More

Teacher and students create Uptown Funk music video

Groovy teacher and students create their own Uptown Funk music video and it's awesome. Read More

Sex pests whistle at their own moms! [watch]

Social experiment shows how moms are fighting back against offensive behaviour. Read More

Twerking teen falls out of moving car

Hilarious fall leaves twerking teen only slightly hurt. Read More


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