Tips to help with your teen's career indecisionHow to help your teen decide on a career path.
Overprotective dads going too far?Maybe dads need to chill a bit when it comes to their daughters having guy friends.

Development & Behaviour

Britain's TWEEN parents

A couple from Britain, aged 12 and 13 just welcomed their first child. Read More

Dating app Tinder used by kids

Dating app with age restriction of 12 is called ‘worst app ever for kids’. Read More

Drugs, suicide and family guilt

Drugs, tough love and suicide drove this family apart and left this survivor full of guilt. Read More

Internet safety for schools

The increase in technical advancement in schools has sparked a massive debate with regards to the internet. Read More

High school student gets accepted by all eight Ivy League schools

A New York high school student applies to all Ivy League schools with the hopes of being accepted by one or two and gets accepted by all eight. Read More

Ajax CPT Coach, Roger De Sa shares his parenting experiences

Parent24 interviews Ajax Cape Town coach, Roger De Sa and he shares his experiences raising two teenagers. Read More

Parent versus child

At the end of the day parenting is nothing but a power struggle. Read More

Playing favourites

Favouritism can lead to unnecessary levels of sibling rivalry. Read More

Teacher's 'death threat' controls wild teens

Ingenious teacher threatens class with Game of Thrones Season 4 spoilers. Read More

Overprotective dads going too far?

Maybe dads need to chill a bit when it comes to their daughters having guy friends. Read More

‘My teen daughter is a porn star’

Shocked dad discovers student daughter is infamous porn star who ‘came out’ on US campus. Read More


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