Are SA students spoilt rotten?Children who receive for financial aid from their parents get worse grades at university.
Internet safety for schoolsThe increase in technical advancement in schools has sparked a massive debate with regards to the internet.

Development & Behaviour


Should your teen become a chartered accountant?

Long gone are the days where chartered accountants were destined to be number crunchers. Read More

Rich dads ditching trust funds

Wealthy parents are realising children may not benefit from instant wealth. Read More

Dad responds to 'loser' wanting to marry his daughter

"Marry that girl, I'm going to punch your face." Read More

Technology your teen needs

If your teen is off to university or college, make sure they have the right technology to suit their needs. Read More

Stunning ‘like a girl’ ad inverts perceptions

The simple message of a new ad campaign examines how society treats girls. Read More

3 astounding teen innovators of 2014

Three amazing teen innovators are already changing the world they live in. Read More

4 rules for dating my son

Daughters aren’t the only ones who can make their parents nervous, says Scott Dunlop. Read More

Is loving my half-sister betraying my mother?

Your problems with your partner shouldn't affect your children's relationship with each other. Read More

What to tell kids about ‘crush porn’

The sharing of disturbing pornographic videos may generate uncomfortable conversations. Read More

Penis prank problem for principal

US scholar banned from graduation march after rude prank. Read More

Teen porn actress commits suicide after bullying

College student who tried to become a porn actress killed herself after being bullied. Read More


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