Tips to help with your teen's career indecisionHow to help your teen decide on a career path.
Overprotective dads going too far?Maybe dads need to chill a bit when it comes to their daughters having guy friends.

Health & Safety

Teenager killed falling out of moving vehicle

A 17-year-old teenager is killed after falling out of the window of a friend's SUV. Read More

Could porn turn your child into a rapist?

A teenager raped his little sister after watching pornography on his Xbox. Read More

Teen addicted to selfies attempts suicide

Teen spends up to 10 hours a day taking over 200 selfies before attempting to commit suicide. Read More

‘Alien abductee’ in child porn arrest

Well-known UFO conspiracy theorist arrested for child porn; blames conspiracy. Read More

Werewolf creep abducts teen for fantasy sex

Extreme fantasist caught after massive police search faces child sex charges. Read More

‘Pranking My African Dad’ becomes hit video for teen

Teen’s dangerous (but funny) prank on his dad wins him fans. Read More

Teacher’s ‘sexual activity’ with teen surprises school

Claims of sex offences against 26-year-old female teacher surprise community. Read More

How to prevent teen suicide

Parent24 chats to Janine Shamos of SADAG about the issues affecting teens. Read More

Boy, 14, lured to death by online gamer

UK boy groomed over online game chats is stabbed to death. Read More

Teen moms and school systems

Tracy Engelbrecht explains just what teen moms face from the school system. Read More

Top 5 tips for teen moms

Tracy Engelbrecht shares some top tips for young pregnant moms [video]. Read More


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