Internet safety for schoolsThe increase in technical advancement in schools has sparked a massive debate with regards to the internet.
Are SA students spoilt rotten?Children who receive for financial aid from their parents get worse grades at university.

Health & Safety

Teen takes selfie every day for 6.5 years

Girl documents her personal battles to create amazing video of her teen years. Read More

Teen allegedly kills own family over computer time

‘Likeable’ teen allegedly shoots entire family to death for trivial reason. Read More

5 dramatic stories of life, death and seat belts

Tragedy strikes on our roads- our readers share stories of death and preservation. Read More

SA’s stupidest parents

Up to 200 children die in accidents every month, so why don't parents buckle their kids up? Read More

Incredible recovery for bullied teen

Watch how this boy triumphed over being bullied at school by making one simple change. Read More

‘I saw your willy!’

Ingenious message about sharing pictures online makes perfect sense [video]. Read More

3 matric pupils die in party brawl

Brawl at school-leaving party leaves 3 dead in stabbing incident. Read More

Pumping iron at just 14 years old

How young is too young to become a body builder? Read More

Microwave glow stick disaster!

Kid’s glow stick experiment ends painfully (and ruins his awesome shirt). Read More

‘I forced my 16 year old to have an abortion!’

Who calls the shots when it comes to responding to teen pregnancy, asks Claudia. Read More

Teen’s hand destroyed in firework blast [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Accidental firework explosion in teen’s bedroom causes permanent damage. Read More


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