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Don’t forget to take care of yourself Parents often forget to look after themselves while taking care of their kids.

Development & Behaviour

Dummygate, schmummygate!

Leave David Beckham's parenting choices up to him, says Nicola Whitfield. Read More

Top 10 kiddie tv shows

We compiled the top 10 list of TV shows your preschoolers love most, as voted by you. Read More

Guess the red-headed singer

Famous musician uses home movies of childhood for music video. Read More

Building a good relationship with your child’s nanny

Here's how to make sure you are both happy in this relationship. Read More

How to save for retirement & your child's education

South African families often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when saving for the future. Read More

'Topless' mom raises R4 million for charity

Former model receives huge donation despite being kicked off crowd-sourcing sites. Read More

When co-sleeping happens by accident

How to get your kid to sleep in their own bed when they've taken up residence in yours. Read More

‘Great job pooping!’

Adorable girl offers her furry friend some great toilet encouragement. Read More

How kids avoid bedtime

Be on the lookout for these common sleep-avoiding techniques. Read More

How to survive being sick with a toddler

5 tips to help keep your toddler occupied while you recover from the flu. Read More

Has Facebook killed the family photo?

Scott Dunlop is grateful for a box full of memories, some funny, some sad. Read More


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