Don’t forget to take care of yourself Parents often forget to look after themselves while taking care of their kids.
How to survive toddler tantrumsKnow what triggers those terrible tantrums and how to survive them.

Health & Safety

YouTube’s toddler app ‘full of disturbing content’

Parents speak out against sexually explicit imagery, violence on YouTube’s Kids app. Read More

No car seat for kids? Time is running out!

Law enforcement blitz imminent as 'car seats for kids' legislation goes live on 01 May. Read More

Surfer dad rips wave with daughter

Little girl has a great time in the ocean with pro surfer father Cory Lopez. Read More

Boy dies after drinking liquid nicotine

Electronic cigarette refill accident responsible for death of child. Read More

All about toddler tooth care

Q&A with a paediatric dentist will answer your dental care questions. Read More

Solar-powered night lights for kids

Fun, safety and security with kids’ lights from Read More

Toddler dies after swallowing watch battery

Tiny round batteries commonly found in toys or electronic equipment are hazardous. Read More

Mom on the run after refusing son’s circumcision

A US mom is in hiding after rejecting a court order to have her son circumcised. Read More

A Facebook group is not your doctor!

Kim Norton explains why crowd-sourcing medical advice is a bad idea.. Read More

What happens to a child in a car crash – expert

EMS spokesperson Robert Daniels explains why small kids are at risk in car accidents. Read More

'I'd do anything for my girl, including facing my biggest fear'

What Graeme Rorie is doing to tackle a disease head on will inspire you. Read More


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