Awesome kids in South African commercialsFrom tear jerkers to side splitters, these South African ads featuring kids are great!
Hero dog saves baby from seaHero dog keeps baby from crawling into the sea in Turkey.

Health & Safety

President 'urinates in pants' during speech [video]

Toddlers, moms and grandparents understand the agony of loss of bladder control. Read More

Best cat breeds for kids

8 cat breeds you should consider adopting if you have children. Read More

Hero toddler uses FaceTime to save mom after attack

2-year-old boy uses technology to call for help after dog bites mom’s finger ‘almost off’. Read More

Baby’s tragic ‘heroin death’

Baby dies, allegedly after being given ‘heroin substitute-laced drink’ in sippy cup to keep quiet. Read More

Family’s e-cigarette poisoning tragedy

Family pet chews bottle of e-cigarette nicotine liquid and dies horrific death. Read More

Should celebrity kids be off limits?

Would you boycott magazines that run pictures of celebrities' children? Read More

Skateboarding toddler alarms viewers

Remarkable video of skateboarding toddler is both impressive and alarming. Read More

Total toddler destruction!

How to set up a real home for your toddler, writes Denise Philip. Read More

Tot operates huge digger

Watch 3-year-old William operate a massive excavator ALONE! Read More

Jack Russell bites off toddler's ear

A toddler has lost her right ear after being viciously attacked by the family dog. Read More

Mystery girl found at Roma camp

Identity unknown of 5-year-old discovered hiding under blankets at camp. Read More


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